Debian Live FAQ

Collection of frequently asked questions about the Debian Live system.


Puppy Multi-session Rewritable Live-CD FAQ

"Live-CDs have become popular, but none save your personal data and settings back to the CD. Most of them can't anyway, as they are too big, at least for a CD. As Puppy is only about 39M - 60M, there is about 600M free space on the CD, so why not put it to use?"


ROCK Linux Live CD FAQ


* 1 General
o 1.1 How to start a graphical UI
o 1.2 Installing the LiveCD on a Harddisk
o 1.3 Customization of the LiveCD
o 1.4 Adding Packages to the LiveCD
o 1.5 Where is my USB stick?
o 1.6 Missing VFAT/NTFS/... utilities
* 2 PowerPC specific
o 2.1 How to configure MOL
o 2.2 Green screen
o 2.3 Sound Card Issues"


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