LiveCD Collection

This is an example of a Multi-boot LiveCD/DVD.

"There are a lot of Live CD Linux's versions, some of them based in diferents ditributions other in the same and other based en other LiveCD, so if you are like me, you have a collection of CD's and floppys. I decided to create a CD/DVD where I can have some LiveCD's and floppy programs that I have untudy in the box. This could be usefull or useless depending the person, but if you want to create this CD/DVD here you are the method I have used. [...]

The zip file to download, contains one script to create a booteable CD/DVD image with mkisofs in the directory where we have unzipped the file. The CD/DVD will use Grub as a boot loader.
Along with the script there is a folder named /dvd/ in this folder we are going to put the files corresponding for each distribution we want to include. Inside the folder dvd there is among others a folder named /boot/. The boot folder contain a folder for each distribution where we will place the kernel and initrd of each distribution.."

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