Intellibuild Howto

"Intellibuild (iBuild) is a set of python scripts designed to make the creation/remaster of a Morphix or Knoppix LiveCD very simple and easy to do. You can easily modify changes and test them without having to remember all of the syntax of the remastering commands. [...]

Intellibuild automates most of this process by breaking the remastering session in to various small segment, each of which is fairly independent of the others. Once set up, you can build a LiveCD from scratch via one command. All of the newest packages are installed and your config files are copied onto the new distribution."

Save your config on SLAX web

"Everything you modify, create or download during a Live-CD session is kept in memory until the computer is rebooted; then it's all lost. More precisely, it WAS lost until SLAX came out and the new era of portability began... Don't carry your settings along with you anymore, just remember a secret pass phrase!"

SLAX Linux Live - doc customize page

"How to add my custom files to SLAX and How to modify SLAX ISO"

Localizing the Klax Live-CD

"A powerful feature of the "Klax" Live-CD, inherited from its Slax and UnionFS base, are "modules": you can download a module like Gimp or Firefox and either load them into the running Live-CD on the fly or by adding them to the /modules/ directory on the CD (without the need to remaster the whole compressed file system) before burning the ISO image."

I Built a Custom Debian CD from Knoppix

"This document describes how I built a custom live cd from knoppix. My primary motivation to build this cd was to include some of my favorite applications which are missing from stock knoppix CD." (alternative mirror)

Knoppix remastering mini-howto

"This mini howto shows how you can easily make your own customized knoppix build. Apart from that, there are a few techniques described which make doing changes conveniently. The howto is intended for people who work occasionaly on their builds."

Roll your Desktop into a USB stick/CD

"Here is a short course (with some excursions) to help you take your existing Desktop, roll it into an ISO pipe and smoke a USB stick or CD. This is not a task for the faint-hearted - there are no automated scripts in here!"

Puppy Unleashed - Customize Puppy

"This is a tarball (file) that you can download. It contains over 300 packages that have been designed to run in Puppy. You can choose the packages you want and create a custom version of Puppy."

HOWTO Remaster a Knoppix CD

"I first started remastering Knoppix CD's so that I could easily share a program with my collegues. The obligatory search of the Net found, amongst others, the following extant HOWTO's: [...]

It was by using these documents that I was able to finally produce a cdrom that was to my satisfaction. But (don't you just hate that word!) each one did not tell the complete story - each one contained some nugget of information that was vital my customising efforts.

Therefore, for as much my benefit as anyone else's, I decided to document how I produced a remastered Knoppix CD."

Remastering Knoppix

"Remastering Knoppix is ... I hesitate to say "easy," because it's a complex process, but if you have a good familiarity with Linux you won't find it too difficult. It's time consuming and it requires a big chunk of hard drive space, about 5 Gb. You'll need a good familiarity with Debian's administrative tools."


"This HOWTO describes the usage of SquashFS - a highly-compressed read-only file system for Linux, which is intended for use in tiny-sized and embedded systems, and anywhere else you'd want to use a compressed file system. With this document, you'll learn how to prepare a SquashFS-ready Linux kernel, create a sqaushed file system and happily use it."

Lamppix - Getting Your Files On The CD

"So you've created a website and want to show it to others using Lamppix?"

Lamppix Remastering Howto

"This howto will show you how to remaster Lamppix"

Boot grml/grml-small from usb-stick/firewire-device

"Starting with grml-small 0.1 we officially support booting from usb-stick. First of all make sure your system supports booting via usb/firewire. Some hardware claims to be able to boot via usb/firewire but does not really support it the way it should work."

Create your own Opie developer live CD

"This document is an extract of the opiedev_doc page It describes the usage of my Opie Development LiveCD. The above document gives hints to the opie development itself and how to generate this LiveCD."

HOWTO: Boot Thinstation from an Compact Flash card (IDE or USB)

"Requirements: 1) either an IDE-CF adapter, or a mainboard that supports booting from USB-CF readers. 2) compact flash card 32 MB or larger (depends on TS-O-Matic options used). 32 MB is normally enough. 3) SysLinux downloaded and uncompressed 4) A Windows or Linux workstation"

Booting Morphix from USB drives

"Booting Morphix from CD should work most of the time, however, some people insist it boot from their usb-drives too (stick, harddisk, any other storage device)."

bootingUSB HOWTO

"This document explains how to create a Linux bootable USB disk step by step. The target USB disk will contain the GRUB boot loader, the boot file system and the root file system. In another word, it will contain the whole Linux operating system. In case your BIOS does not support booting from USB, the USB disk created using this HOW-TO can still work together with the boot floppy. In that case the only difference is that the GRUB boot loader resides on the floppy rather than on the USB."

Boot KNOPPIX from an USB Memory Stick

"What you'll need: * Knoppix or an already stripped down version * USB Memory Stick * Computer capable of booting from USB * kernel with cloop-support * syslinux"

Morphing and making a new Combined ISO w/ isomorph

"In this howto, we'll concentrate on only one of the Morphix tools. As often in life, there are more ways than one to hit a nail (and when you want to hit one, everything looks like a hammer), however we'll limit ourselves to 'isomorph' here. We will assume you are using either a Debian, Morphix or Knoppix install and at least have heard about apt-get before. If you aren't using a Debian-based install, don't worry: every tool can also be downloaded as a tarball, and nothing about morphing is specific to Debian."

How to build your own Arch live CD

"To have a bootable version of Arch Linux running totally off a CD, is useful in many ways. It can be made to rescue your HD system, test new machines / hardwares if Linux compatible, keep an updated installer with latest packages, or make a demo CD to show your projects, and much more."

Building a Linux From Scratch LiveCD

"The main purpose of this page is to document the process of making the official LFS livecd. Specifically, how it differs from previous cds produced from existing LFS hints. The notes here will deal mostly with the x86 cd, as the ppc cd is a bit different in some areas and is still under development. This page should not be considered a full hint, although it may progress to that point in the future."

HOWTO build a Gentoo LiveCD from scratch

"This mini-HowTo will show you how simple it is to create your own LiveCD by hand. It will also allow you to have the following advantages over the catalyst way:

* The build source will be kept intact and will not get deleted between iterations of LiveCD creation. This will allow you to sync, update, merge, and customize your environment incrementally the same way you do it with a real system.

* The CD will boot using GRUB, not ISOLINUX (ISOLINUX is still possible). This gives you the same flexibility you have with a real system, that it, changing kernel parameters, discovering devices, etc.

* As a nice side effect of keeping your build source between iterations, the build time will be reduced dramatically."

HOWTO Build a Gentoo LiveCD

"This article will explain to you, how you can build a Gentoo ( LiveCD with Catalyst ( Catalyst is a tool which allows you easily to maintain a set of profiles for your favorite stages or LiveCDs. This HOWTO will give you hints, tips, and tricks to build your own version of a Gentoo Linux LiveCD. If this is your first time building a LiveCD using Catalyst, keep reading. Otherwise, advance to the end for customization help."

How To Customize and Remaster the Gnome Live CD

"Here we try to explain how to build a customized LiveCD based on the new [Ubuntu] Live CD infrastructure (first used in the HoaryHedgehog development cycle). The method will be to modify an already existing cd and re-build it. This way is less flexible, but avoids most of the (really unecessary) complexity of building CDs? from scratch."

Ibuild Howto Wiki

"Ibuild is a set of scripts that aim to help Morphix and Knoppix remasterers do their job by efficiently producing modified remasters. They are not limited to Morphix and Knoppix, and are currently available and tested on Debian GNU/Linux (testing and unstable)."

Whoppix HOWTO Install to Hard Drive

"I'd like to say thx for all the wondering work muts has done for this wonderful live cd."

Create a debian install Live CD Howto

"We illustrate in detail how to create a debian Live CD to install another debian using a kernel of your choice. This write-up also enables us to create a fresh SATA boot debian system."

Feather Linux Remastering Mini-HOWTO

"Feather Linux, like all Knoppix remasters, can also be remastered, and in a very similar way to how Knoppix is remastered."

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