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Live Linux Wireless and Security Distributions

"Listed are some of the more Wireless and Penetration Testing specific Linux distros available.

CQure AP
Knoppix STD
Less Networks Hotspot Server
Linux LiveCD Router
Talos Security LiveCD

Wires Cut Linux

Wires Cut Linux is a Live CD tool for software development in disconnected, interrupted, and low-bandwidth (DIL) environments. It is a custom version of Xubuntu with built-in support for databases, web servers, and several programming languages.

130 Useful Linux Based LiveCD Versions

"While I was fast to mention and provide the LiveCD for Ubuntu Linux, I was asked if there are other versions of Linux or Linux based applications that offer down loadable LiveCD's and what the primary function (of the CD) focused upon. Well, I'm by no means the know-all expert of Linux and its LiveCD distributions, I was however, able to find almost 300 and have done my best to put them in alphabetical order with a brief blurb.

Hopefully this will provide an initial list from which to jump off and explore different versions."

Puppy Linux Puplets

Long list of Puppy Linux Puplets including a description, choice of window manager, download size and download link locations. Puplets

"One of the great things about Puppy is how easy it is to use it as a base for your very own distro. You can install your own programs setup the themes and preferences just the way you like them then use the Remaster option to bundle it all into your very own cd iso. Imagine that, boot from your own live CD and have everything set just how you like it in less than a minute. Many people choose to share their remasters for the benefit of others, we call these versions, puplets."

List of LiveCD Torrents (download) x86 x86_64 (torrent) - download (275MB) (torrent) (torrent) (torrent) (torrent download) (AMD64 torrent) (x86 torrent)

What's your flavor?

"What's your flavor?

Here at 'What's your flavor?' you can find information about (almost) any *NIX flavor available.

The aim of this site is to provide a complete overview of all the UNIX, BSD, Linux operating systems and other OS'es based on these flavors.
It may even be possible (flavor permitting) to download your preferred flavor right here."


Puppy Linux Distros Wiki

"Puppy Linux is a light-weight, yet fully featured, Linux distribution. It aims to be quick and useful on older machines, without sacrificing functionality. Puppy Linux is superior to other light-weight Linux distros because it has a lot of programs that haven't had featured lopped off to make them smaller.
Below are some graphical distros that are similar to Puppy in goals and design."

Under 25MB .. Under 50Mb .. Under 128Mb .. Under 256Mb .. Under 700Mb

Puppy Linux Active Puplets

"This page is for puppy derivatives, you may want official versions or add-on packs such as MegaPup (2006) or EZPup (2007). For current info on puppy derivatives see the Puppy Derivatives forum∞.

* For an idea of how each puplet derives from Puppy Linux, see Darrelljon's Puppy Family Tree∞ in the forum.
* There is also a short abbreviated list of Pupletsbysize"

PCLinuxOS Remasters Wiki


Not all livedistros, but a lot of pretty icons! :D List of LiveDistros List of LiveDistros

Puppy Linux Derivatives - Puplets

"This page is for puppy derivatives, you may want official versions."

List of Ubuntu Based Linux Distributions and Live Cds

"Here is the list of ubuntu based Linux Distributions and Live Cd’s and it might be useful for some users.If some thing is missing from this list let me know i will add to this list." Distros List of Live Distributions List of Suggested Additions

Another good place to find out about new livedistros, inlcuding livecds, livedvds, liveusbs, etc.

Distributions posted to the forum above are considerations for additions to the LiveCDList.

Freshmeat CD Based GNU/Linux Operating Systems

Freshmeat > System > Operating System > Linux Distributions > CD-Based livecd list

home > linux > links > livecd livecd list

Opensourceinfo Live-CD Distributions

Browse in : All > Directory > Distributions > Live-CD Distributions

Knoppix Customizations Big List

Knoppix customizations that are available for download. These are unoffical knoppix modifications, that have changes such as reduced size, special media (like USB keydrives) and different languages.

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