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Example: ISO or Torrent or ED2K or other p2p network link.

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Reply with optional export format suggestions.

Call for Design

Call for Design

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Are Install CDs a type of LiveDistro?

Example of a Build Tool for Install CD:

"Simple-CDD is a wrapper around debian-cd and mirroring tools used to create a customized DebianInstaller CD image. It takes a list of packages to install, and debconf pre-seeding files to pre-configure the installation. It has some support for multiple profiles and custom post-install scripts (for things that can't be handled by debconf preseeding)."

Installers are "live". Would Simple-CDD be considered a LiveDistro Build Tool? Then wouldn't all distributions be LiveDistros?

Free Software Releases and Resources on

Software licenses such as the GNU General Public License help end-user freedoms to remain intact as the software passes though time. The BSD License does not make this requirement; thus, because we support end-user freedom thoughout time, we choose strong copyleft licenses.

While not all software included in GNU/Linux distributions is copyleft, as time passes, more and more copyleft software is produced and will eventually replace non-copyleft software in the distributions and resources listed on this site.

LiveDistros w/ Terms of Service or other requirements will not be published on this site.

Our First Visitor

June 2005 server logs show shortly after launching and/or submitting to a major search engine, our first vistor appeared from this ip address:

Qwest Communications NET-QWEST-BLKS-2 (NET-63-144-0-0-1) -
Cyveillance QWEST-63-148-99-224 (NET-63-148-99-224-1) -

The bot 'appeared' as an XP machine running IE 6.0.

When searching for 'cyveillance' this page was uncovered:

Cyveillance Exposed


Additional References:

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