Hurd LiveCD 20051026

"This LiveCD is different because it uses the Hurd kernel replacement instead of using the Linux kernel. The Hurd uses a set of servers sitting on top of a microkernel (GNU Mach) to provide kernel services. The alternative kernel design is a monolithic kernel like Linux where you are obliged to unload and load modules as root. In the Hurd when you use the `ps -ef' command, you'll see processes for your microkernel, TCP/IP stack, filesystems, terminals and more! /dev/null isn't some mysterious bit-bucket that the kernel takes care of, it is a running process in userland. And that's just the start -- there is the idea of a superunprivileged user, setting translators, neighbourhurds and more. Other LiveCDs don't have these features; they don't run the Hurd.

The Hurd aims to enrich the user's life by eliminating arbitrary limitations from the system. To some degree it succeeds, and to some degree it is still defficient -- the current Mach microkernel has been identified as the source of some of these defficiencies. Work is being completed on porting the Hurd to a microkernel called L4. It is expected that this migration will fix the defficiencies to an extent. This Hurd LiveCD is about getting YOU to use it as a technology demonstrator -- and it's about getting YOU to join and help."