Arudius 0.5

"This release features the addition of some novel security tools - tools for passive network discovery by analyzing broadcast traffic, very fast SMB password cracking tool and a UPnP device discovery tool analyzing M-SEARCH packets, to mention a few among others. [...]

Arudius is a Linux live CD with tools that try to address the network security aspect (penetration testing and vulnerability analysis) of information assurance. It is based on Slackware (Zenwalk) for i386 systems and targets the information security audience. It is released under the GNU GPL and contains only open-source software. Arudius uses Fluxbox as its window manager but most of the tools included in the distribution are command-line. Note: Arudius is NOT a remastered Slax! The distribution was developed from scratch using vanilla Zenwalk Core (Minislack) install and Linux Live scripts (SLAX). The nice feature it inherits from Slax is that all Slax modules (.mo files) should work fine with Arudius and you should even be able to remaster Arudius using the nice Windows program "MySlax Creator". [...]

There are several differences between Arudius and other security distros. One of them is the collection of tools installed. Arudius aims at being a "security tool" and not just a collection of all security software out there. Thus we have tried to condense as many useful tools as possible while keeping the ISO file size under 210MB - small enough to fit on a mini-CD, thus small enough to load and run completely in RAM.

Another potential difference is that Arudius is developed by people employed in the computer security industry and has been made a part of their daily tasks, which ensures timely updates and releases." (tools)

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List of tools installed on Arudius

"List of tools installed on Arudius

AIM Sniff - Sniffer / Logger for AOL Instant Messenger
802ether - convert 802.11 dumps to ethernet dumps
Aircrack - 802.11 sniffer and WEP / WPA cracker
Aireplay - 802.11 packet injection program
Airfinder - airfinder helps to detect or locate a specific wireless MAC address
Airodump - 802.11 packet capture program
Airsnort - wireless LAN (WLAN) tool which recovers encryption keys
Airtraf - 802.11 network analyzer
Amap - next generation scanning tool
Anwrap - wrapper for ancontrol to attack LEAP enabled Cisco Wireless Networks
Arping - Arping is an ARP level ping for finding out if an IP is taken
Arpscan - exploits a bug in the ARP protocol to scan a network blindly
Arpspoof - spoof MAC addresses on the subnet
Arpwatch - detect MAC-to-IP mapping changes
Arpalert - tool to monitor ethernet networks
Asleap - pentesting Cisco LEAP wireless AP, can recover weak passwords
Babelweb - program which allows to automate tests on HTTP servers
Cctt - covert channel tunneling tool
Chaosreader - A tool to trace TCP / UDP sessions and fetch application data
Chntpw - Offline NT password and registry editor
CiscoTorch - Cisco vulnerability scanner
Cmospwd - BIOS and NT password recovery
Cryptcat - lightweight version of netcat with integrated encryption capabilities
Curl - command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax
Darkstat - network traffic analyzer
Decrypt - decrypts all packets in a pcap file from a specified AP given the proper password
Dnsa-ng - DNS Swiss army knife tool
Dsniff - collection of tools for network auditing and penetration testing
Dnssppof - forges replies to DNS queries
Dnstracer - determines where a given DNS gets its information from, and follows the chain back to the servers which know the data
DNStop - application that displays various tables of DNS traffic on a network
Driftnet - listens to network and picks out images from traffic it observes
Dwepcrack - Linux port of the WEP cracker from bsd-airtools
Etherape - graphical network monitor for Unix modeled after etherman
Ethereal - a network protocol analyzer / sniffer with extensive list of features
Etherwake - A little tool to send magic Wake-on-LAN packets
Ettercap - multipurpose sniffer / interceptor / logger for switched LAN
FakeAP - Generates thousands of counterfeit 802.11 AP for use as a honeypot
FakeBO - Fakes trojan servers (BO, NetBus) and logs every attempt from client
FantaIP - a "Phantom IP" program that listens on a secondary IP address
Filesnarf - sniff files from NFS traffic
Finalsolution - tool to check the strength of network passwords
Findsmb - list info about machines that respond to SMB name queries on a subnet
Firewalk - A tool to determine which protocols will pass through a firewall
Flowreplay - tool to replay traffic at Layer 4 or 7 depending on the protocol
Fragroute - Test a NIDS by attempting to evade it using fragmented packets
Ftest - tool for testing firewalls filtering policies and IDS capabilities
GPG - GNU Privacy Guard
GQ - LDAP client
Gspoof - GTK-based packet forging / crafting tool
Guesswho - SSH brute force tool
Hackbot - scanner and banner grabber
Hammerhead - web server stress testing tool
Hjksuite - Collection of programs for hijacking of connections through the supported protocols (irc, http, etc.)
Hotspotter - wireless client hijacking
Hping2 - network scanner that uses spoofed source address packets
Hping3 - network scanner that uses spoofed source address packets
Httprint - web server fingerprinting tool
Httptunnel - tunnel arbitrary TCP / IP traffic over HTTP
Hydra - very fast network login cracker which supports many different services
Icmp_redirect - packet generator
Igrp - packet generator
IKE-Scan - VPN scanner / tester
IPFM - bandwidth analysis tool
IPPL - IP protocols logger
IPsorcery - custom packet generator to test network or firewall settings
Irdp - packet generator
IRPAS - a suite of routing protocol attack tools
Itunnel - tunnel network traffic over ICMP
John The Ripper - password cracker
Kismet - 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and IDS
K0ld - LDAP bruteforce cracker
LCrack - Lepton's password cracker
Links - text-mode web browser
Lynx - text-mode web browser
Macchanger - utility for viewing or manipulating the MAC address of NIC
Macof - packet generator
Mailsnarf - email sniffer
Massrooter - exploits vulnerabilities in bind, lpd, rpc, wuftpd, mail, ssl, ssh
Metasploit - advanced framework for developing, testing, and using exploit code
Nast - a packet sniffer and a LAN analyzer based on Libnet and Libpcap
Nbtscan - program for scanning IP networks for NetBIOS name information
Nemesis - packet injection tool (suite)
Nessus - network security scanner
Netcat - versatile tool which reads and writes data across TCP / IP connections
Netinjector - fast and highly configurable packet generator engine
Netsed - network packet altering stream editor
Ngrep - network grep
Nikto - web server and CGI scanner
Nmap - utility for network exploration or security auditing
NMBLookup - query NetBIOS names and map them to IP addresses in a network
nstxd - IP over DNS tunnelling
Nstreams - analyzes the streams that occur on a network
Obiwan - brute force authentication attack against a webserver with authentication requests
Passifist - tool for passive network discovery by analyzing broadcast traffic
P0f - versatile passive OS fingerprinting and masquerade detection utility
Raccess - tries to gain access to a system using advanced techniques of intrusion
Reverb - network tool for traffic relay
RKHunter - rootkit hunter
ScanSSH - scans addresses and networks for open proxies, SSH, Web, SMTP servers
Scapy - packet generator / sniffer and network scanner / discovery
SendIP - a command line tool to allow sending arbitrary IP packets
Siege - stress / regression URL test and benchmark utility
Siphon - passive network mapping tool
SMBAT - SMB password auditing tool, which exploits a Windows bug to try up to 1200 logins/sec
Smtpmap - SMTP fingerprinting tool
Smtpscan - remote SMTP server fingerprinting tool
Snacktime - a Perl solution for remote OS fingerprinting
Sniffit - packet sniffer for TCP/UDP/ICMP packets
Snort - open source IDS / IPS
Socat - multipurpose relay tool
Sshmitm - peforms mitm attacks for the SSH protocol
Sshow - SSH traffic analysis tool
Ssldump - SSLv3/TLS network protocol analyzer
Sslsmurf - a local proxy that can capture HTTPS traffic in clear text
Sslsniff - SSL tool to perform MITM for HTTPS (and other protocols)
Stunnel - secure tunnel / wrapper for TCP connections
Synscan - synscan synscan is a TCP / IP OS fingerprinting and network testing tool
Tcpick - tcpick is a textmode sniffer libpcap-based that can track and save tcp streams
Tcpping - a ping implementation using TCP packets
Tcptrace - tool for analyzing tcpdump output
Tcptraceroute - a traceroute implementation using TCP packets
Telnetfp - OS fingerprinting by Telnet
Tethereal - console version of Ethereal
THC-pptp-bruter - Brute force program against PPTP VPN Gateways
Thcrut - local network discovery tool
Therev - performs analysis of MS Word files at a specific website of filesystem
Traceproto - traceroute replacement that allows users to specify the protocol / port to trace to
Unicornscan - an attempt at a User-land Distributed TCP / IP stack
UPnPScan - a tool that scans a LAN for UPnP capable devices through M-SEARCH packets
Urlsnarf - Tool that is an HTTP sniffer able to output in Common Log Format
VNCrack - VNC password cracker
Wavemon - ncurses-based monitor for wireless devices
Webspy - display sniffed URL in Netscape in real-time
Weplab - WEP cracker
Wmap - smart HTTP / CGI scanner
Xhydra - X11 frontend to Hydra
Xprobe2 - operating system fingerprinting with a different approach to OS detection
Yersinia - network tool designed to take advantage of some weakeness in different network protocols"


it's good live cd