"CHAOS is a tiny (6Mbyte) Linux distribution, that will boot any 586/Pentium (or better) computer into a working openMosix node, without disturbing (or even touching) the contents of the local hard disk. CHAOS aims to be the fastest, most compact, secure and straight-forward openMosix cluster platform available. [...]

CHAOS is an easy way of creating secure, ad-hoc, clusters from any organisation's existing desktop PC investment; The easiest way for any business to harness its unused capacity, and to redeploy that processing capability to its most processor hungry applications. [...]

CHAOS 1.6 has been released with the following high-level feature set;

+ Live CD or PXE; runs from RAM after loading from media - nil installation.
+ 6Mbyte OS footprint; fits on a business card
+ Feature packed Linux Kernel (2.4.27)
+ Latest openMosix software (kernel 2.4.27-20040808, tools 0.3.6-2)
+ Automatic IP configuration; boot with DHCP/BOOTP/RARP or manually
+ 3DES encrypted network communications; IPSEC - fully meshed!
+ Stateful packet filtering; 500/UDP and ESP network accessible in IPSEC mode
+ Custom INIT binary; fast, zombie-free, clear (color coded), and inflexible!
+ Autodiscovery daemon tyd with multicast (local) and unicast (multi-site) support
+ Supports most i586/PCI hardware (including recent Compaq/Dell desktops)"