cl33n 1.1

"cl33n is a clean, free, safe, Linux-based web browsing environment for any PC. With cl33n, you have a virus-free, spyware-free, personal environment for internet banking, emailing, social networking and anything else you normally do online. Almost all viruses & trojans are written for Windows so are incompatible with Linux systems like cl33n.

cl33n does not make any changes to the computer so you can use it safely on any PC: your privacy is protected. [...]

cl33n is built using Debian Linux and Debian Live. The web browser is Mozilla Firefox. The window manager is Matchbox. Linux a leading operating system for reliable Web servers worldwide and Debian is one of the most stable and reliable distributions. Debian Live is a build system for making Live CDs such as cl33n. With cl33n you can take advantage of Liunx's reliability & safety and still use Windows when you restart your computer again."