gNewSense 1.1

"A GNU/Linux distribution, that takes all the non-free blobs out of a rather popular distribution and makes it free. [...]

I am pleased to announce the 1.1 release of the gNewSense distribution and tools.

This release brings a number of improvements:

* (Builder) Support for arbitrary meta packages
* (Builder) Added optional support for updates and backports
* (Builder) Added support for multiple livecds
* (Builder) Produce torrent files for livecds
* (Builder) Support for tracking mirror freshness
* KDE variant livecd
* Fixed NTPL issue (/etc/
* Enabled eepro100 driver (e100 (the default) was non-free)
* Recompiled and rebranded Firefox so we could disable the offering of non-free plugins
* New artwork
* Various other minor fixes and improvements"

MD5: 8c952fb283949c5334c372b13f199d76 gnewsense-livecd-deltad-1.1.iso