Monomaxos* is a Linux based operating system made from user emcpn in Athens , Greece. It’s an Ubuntu Interpid (8.10) based system that provides full support for any kind of multimedia files and any kind of internet content just out of the box. It can even be used as a stand-alone media center using the embedded XBMC media center. Contains large number of software packages and drivers for any kind of modern hardware that makes it really powerful operating system. It was actually build for use from amateur Greek users as a ‘’demonstration’’ Live DVD for the capabilities of Linux and Open source. After a lot of requests and considering the success of the Monomaxos Live DVD in many countries outside Greece an English edition of Monomaxos is out for international use.
* Monomaxos is the Greek word for ‘’Gladiator’’

The Live DVD supports ‘’out of the box’’ playback of any kind of multimedia file (sound/video/internet streaming /even HD video playback) using VLC Media player. There is embedded Media center (XBMC) and plenty of software for ripping and burning CD’s and DVD’s. Open Office suite (ver. 3.01) and AbiWord are used as office suites. Firefox 3.09 and Opera 9.6 are used for internet browsing. Firefox is optimized for perfect use (download manager/flash support/youtube videos download with just one click/HD video is also supported).Google Earth (ver.5) and Google Picasa (ver.3) included. Gnomenu software instead of classic Gnome main menu. Support for downloading any kind of internet content (via torrent/peer2peer/live links) even downloading .ccf files using JDOWNLOADER. Every kind of Internet communication is also available (MSN/SKYPE/VOIP etc). There is software for making AVI’s and mp3’s. Audacity and Gimp are used for editing sound and images . Including the MAME games which are functional out of the box (including the best 550 selected games). Many system tools like antivirus software with updates using the internet , tools for system maintenance etc . System is optimized to support compiz desktop effects and read-write of NTFS hard disks just out of the box. And there is also a large list of software for every possible need !!!

DOWNLOAD INFORMATION/Screenshots: using torrent /RSlinks/Mega Upload links

can you post the md5 checksum

can you post the md5 checksum for the iso file. I have downloaded this 3x but error with networking and the bottom icon flashes and then disappears. baz