SecureDVD 20060528

"SecureDVD is a live DVD collection*) featuring the 10 Best Security Live CD Distros (Pen-Test, Forensics & Recovery) as per Darknet (see article here) on one single DVD.

The live DVD collection features the following security based live distributions (click names for further information):

1. BackTrack 1.0
2. Operator v3.3.20
3. PHLAK v0.3
4. Auditor v200605-02 (no-ipw2100)
5. L.A.S. Linux - Local Area Security v0.5
6. Knoppix-STD v0.1
7. Helix v1.7
8. F.I.R.E. v0.3.5
9. nUbuntu vFlight 6
10. INSERT Rescue Security Toolkit v1.3.6"