"ULTILEX stands for "Ultimate Linux Experience". This is a live linux distribution which in turn contains other live linux distributions. You can boot ULTILEX from CD/DVD, as well as from USB device.

When you boot, the first thing you see is a beautiful startup screen where you can choose which live linux distribution to run. The current version of ULTILEX is 2.1.0 and it "wraps" the following live linux distributions:

* Slax 6.0.9
* Finnix 92.1
* System Rescue CD 1.1.6
* Puppy Linux 4.1.2
* Damn Small Linux 4.1.10

One very interesting feature of ULTILEX is that you can easily install it on USB flash device and save the changes you've made durign the live session on it. You can modify files and even install/remove modules and all your changes are saved on the USB flash.

To install on USB flash device, follow these steps (applied from Slax):

1. Copy all files and folders from the CD to the root folder of your USB flash device.
2. Execute "/boot/bootinst.sh" (for Linux), or "\boot\bootinst.bat" (for Windows).
3. That's all. You are ready to boot ULTILEX from your USB flash device! :) [...]

23-Mar-2009: MD5 checksums are available for download. You can find the links next to each available release (currently 2.1.0 and 1.0.1)."



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