MultiISO LiveDVD v1.0

"MultiISO LiveDVD is an integrated Live DVD technology which combines some of the very popular Live CD ISOs already available on the internet. It can be used for security reconnaissance, vulnerability identification, penetration testing, system rescue, media center and multimedia, system recovery, etc. It's a all-in-one multipurpose LiveDVD put together. There's something in it for everyone. I hope you enjoy it.

If you have any comments and suggestions please em@il or drop by at our irc network/channel or

MultiISO LiveDVD Version 1.0 consists of Backtrack 3, Damn Small Linux (DSL) 4.2.5, GeeXboX 1.1, Damn Vulnerable Linux (Strychnine) 1.4 edition, Knoppix 5.1.1, MPentoo 2006.1, Ophcrack 1.2.2 (remastered to contain SSTIC04-5k [720MB] table sets), Puppy Linux 3.01, and last but not least Byzantine OS i586-20040404. Download MultiISO LiveDVD here.
Download Info

MD5SUM: 1b1f37ed6b6f958cde0529a8a1f06637
SHA1SUM: 593ffbfa3c4b665220dcd63b2e4b77bacde5237d

Direct Download Link: Join IRC and ask BSDGurl for the direct download link or send a request through em@il if torrent download is slow.

File Size: 4.03GB [...]

Backtrack 3
Damn Small Linux 4.2.5
GeeXBoX 1.1 (not geekbox :P )
Damn Vulnerable Linux (Strychnine) 1.4
Knoppix 5.1.1
MPentoo 2006.1
Ophcrack 1.2.2 (with 720 mb tables)
Puppy Linux 3.01
Byzantine OS i586-20040404"

SUMO Linux v1.0

"SUMO (Security Utilizing Multiple Options) Linux v1.0

SUMO Linux is a bootable DVD from Sun Tzu Data which contains a compilation
of the best Information Security distributions:

Backtrack 3
Helix 2.0
Samurai Linux

Absolute 12.2.0.rc1

"What is Absolute?

Absolute is a customized Slackware distribution:

* Assembled to make installation and maintenance of Slackware easier.

* A relatively easy install (no package selection, also an "autoinstall" option that will partition and format the drive for you prior to install.)

* kernel build that is set to accept CPUs down to a Pentium-II and tuned for desktop performance.

You CAN run Absolute on a Pentium-II with 64 MB of RAM (although it would be fairly slow) -- but with at least 128 MB of RAM you can expect a very tolerable experience. P-3 or above with any more than 128MB RAM will allow you to zip along pretty well. And if you have a decent graphics chip/card, you'll feel like you have a new machine.

* Accepts packages made for same Slackware Version, so you can use Slackware software repositories."

Size: 690 mb
MD5SUM: 8410c6ef538c3751031b75ce99928481

Cooperation-iws 0.7.0 release

I am pleased to announce the release of Cooperation-iws 0.7.0.

Cooperation-iws is an Intranet Nomad Web server. Cooperation-iws is aimed at people that want to have fully featured web services (Blog, Wiki, eLearning, Video Conference, ...) on their Intranet and that they could carry in Usb Key.

Cooperation-iws is made for end user that want to have their personal Internet in their Pocket and connect it when they want, where they want.

For this release Multilingual feature was added. Cooperation-iws web services now speaks Europe, America, Africa, Middle East and Asia languages.

All the web applications were upgraded to latest available releases. The operating system was upgraded to Intrepid Ibex Live CD release.

Cooperation-iws web site is here:

Cooperation-iws developper blog is here:

The download url is here : (I can't put all the direct links because there are sixteen flavors of Live CD for the 0.7.0 release).

The introduction presentations of Cooperation-iws are here:
Quick intro:
Complete presentation:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,


Cooperation-iws Development release

G4L v0.27

"G4L is a hard disk and partition imaging and cloning tool. The created images are optionally compressed and transferred to an FTP server or cloned locally. Version 0.27 adds ssh backup on local menu, and encryption on Network menu."

WeakNet Linux Assistant v1.0

"WeakNet Linux is an Ubuntu-based live DVD containing a variety of security tools. It is designed primarily for penetration testing, forensic analysis and other security tasks. The default GUI is Gnome. [...]

The tools i have selected are tools we use all the time here, as i said, If you find some that you want in it, please let me know. The image is about 1GB meaning; It will have to be on DVD, meaning; I can't host it here without risk of bandwidth dying! I need a place to upload it to. Some code written by WeakNet Labs Assistants from this site that are preinstalled:

* Easy-SSHd
* Web-Hacking-Portal v2.0
* Perlwd
* Netgh0st v3.0
* YouTube-Thief!
* Netgh0st v2.2
* DomainScan
* ADtrace
* Admin-Tool
* Tartarus v0.1
* and much more..

Also, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce: Perlwd. Perlwd is a perl script that uses Crypt::Md5 and Time::StopWatch. It is interpreted on the fly so could never match the speeds of say, John the Ripper. So I added that program to the list in the menu as well. Perlwd is great to experiment with and learn with. In the /code section of this domain you will find it and a brief introduction to md5/user's manual.

Code Runs from the Gnome-Terminal in some cases without the need to. This is because I was debuggin my GUI menu and I also want you to see what is exactly going on when a program is running. I'm sure the later versions are going to be less verbose with less terminal needed for running GUI apps.

The Distro will be available as soon as i can find some servers to host it for me. For now, here's a short video and some screen shots... enjoy :)

Click here to view a quick how-to to installing the "live" FS onto a USB drive.

The LOGIN IS "assistant" the PASS is "weaknet", the SUDO PASS is "weaknet" and the root PASS is "weaknet2" The password for the servers is "weaknet" also. Thanks for updating me J Migatos!"

LinuxConsole 2008 DVD

"This LiveDVD (which can be installed on every hard disk) adds lot of drivers and applications to 'CD' release :

* ATICatalyst 8.8, nvidia 173.14.12, ntfs-3g 1.2918 and ndiswrapper 1.53 drivers
* OpenOffice 2.4.1 is available in English, spanish deutch and french
* Virtualbox 1.5.4_OSE
* Lyx 1.3.6 and latex 3
* Scribus, Evolution 2.12.3
* Skype, Linphone, Transmission
* Gimp, Inkscape, MakeHuman
* Kino, DVD styler
* Gcompris, tuxpaint, stellarium
* Kde 3.5.9, k3b 1.0.4, koffice 1.6.3, kaffeine 0.8.2
* A set of 3D games : alienarena 2008, armagetronad, bzflag, cave9, etracer, cube foobillard, glest, neverball, torcs, termulous, Flightgear
* A set of 2D games : atanks, blobby, xboard, freeciv, freedroidRPG, frozen-bubble, jin, kxmame, lincity-ng, numptyphysics, stepmania, supertux, tarotClub, wesnoth, wormux
* Gnome games : gmameui, blackjack, glchess, glines, gnect, gnibbles, gnobots2, gnome-sudoku, gnometris, gnomine, gnotravex, gnotski, gtali, iagno, mahjongg, same-gnome, gtetrinet
* Wine 1.1.5
* The window manager E17 (Beta release)
* Freevo and Oxine media centers
* Music and Midi tools : Mixx, Ardour, hydrogen, Linux Multimedia Studio, AMS, Qjackctl, Rosegarden, Bristol
* Development libs and tools to build your own applications (gnome2, Kde3, OpenGL, Python, Perl)

md5sum : 1089ced34b0f8d7e5537687f0e75e2eb

Toorox 10.2008 and 10.2008-KDE4 finished!

"Toorox is a Linux Live-DVD based on Gentoo booting up with KNOPPIX technology. Designed for easy using, multi-lingual(de,en), simple control center, hard disk installer."


-Kernel 2.6.26-gentoo-r2
-Xorg-server 1.4.2
-GCC 4.3.2
-KDE 4.1.2 (Toorox 10.2008-KDE4)
-KDE 3.5.10 (Toorox 10.2008)
-OpenOffice 3.0
-Firefox 3.0.3
-Wine 1.1.6
-Gimp 2.6
-Compiz 0.7.8
From the Changelog:

-Kernel 2.6.26-gentoo-r2
-KDE 4.1.2 (Toorox 10.2008-KDE4), KDE 3.5.10 (Toorox 10.2008)
-Xorg-server 1.4.2
-GCC 4.3.2
-New portage snapshot
-Update Hardware-Database for Radeon 4xxx and GeForce GTX Cards
-Update of almost all packages
-Fixed missing 'source' line in /etc/make.conf after booting with language=english
-Added desktop-effects overlay
-Removed kdesvn-portage overlay

MD5 Toorox 10.2008-KDE4: 70610dafcab4283f1c7d65e231a66541
MD5 Toorox 10.2008:

INX 1.0

"INX is a "Live CD" distribution of GNU/Linux, derived from Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS, but using "ubuntu-minimal" and "ubuntu-standard" as a base. It is console only, without any graphical "X" programs.

INX is intended as a "tutorial" and introduction to the Bash command line, but is a fully capable, portable GNU/Linux system in its own right. It has a collection of easy-to-use menus, colour themes, easy configuration tools, music (and video on the frame buffer), some games, and several surprises for those who are not aware of what can be done in a console/tty.

INX is fun, and not intimidating for console beginners.

INX 1.0 also includes new features; you can now set up wireless with the "Ceni" tool from the INX "Net & Web" menu. You can use your mouse with programs like xlinks2, elinks, mc, and the jed text editor. In addition to the powerful GNU Screen program, INX now sports the "Dvtm" Dynamic Virtual Terminal Manager, a "tiled terminal manager". "

sidux 2008-03

Later than planned (due to a hard to find bug in virtualbox-ose), we now have the pleasure to announce the immediate availability of the sidux 2008-03 "Ουρέα" release, available in the following flavours:

* KDE-lite, amd64, en/ de, ≈485 MB.
* KDE-lite, i686, en/ de, ≈480 MB.
* KDE-full, amd64+i686, en/ de (da, el, es, fr, hr, it, ja, nl, pt, pt_BR, ro, ru through liveapt) ≈2 GB.
* XFCE, amd64, en/ de, ≈400 MB.
* XFCE, i686, en/ de, ≈400 MB.

sidux is a full featured Debian sid based live CD with a special focus on hard disk installations, a clean upgrade path within sid and additional hard- and software support. The ISO is completely based on Debian sid, enriched and stabilized with sidux' own packages and scripts.
Release notes for Ουρέα

"Ουρέα" concentrates on integrating the changes caused by kernel 2.6.26, and on the post-install experience — by propagating the default user profile to new users as well. As a welcome side effect, hardware for common netbooks and newer chipsets is now supported by sidux. Furthermore a large number of individual functionality enhancements and bugfixes have been applied to the full package line up and especially sidux' own packages.

A new feature in "Ουρέα" is the ability to select all other languages than German or US English from the grub menu (F4) in the kde-full flavour, installing the localisations for the desktop and many applications while booting. This ensures they are also present after installing sidux, while only installing the required languages for the given system. The amount of memory required for this feature depends on the language and sidux may refuse to install the given language packs automatically with insufficient RAM and the boot sequence will be continued in english language but with the desired localessettings (currency, date/ time format, keyboard charsets). 512 MB memory or more is supposed to be safe for all supported languages, which are:

* Croatian
* Danish
* Dutch
* Greek
* English (GB)
* French
* Italian
* Japanese
* Portuguese (BR and PT)
* Romanian
* Russian
* Spanish
* the language selection depends on the availability of sidux-manual translations, get involved to add your language.

Our special thanks go to the sidux art team and especially all mirror hosters for their efforts regarding sidux.
Minimum system requirements:

* amd64:
o AMD64
Intel Core2
newer 64 bit capable AMD Sempron and Intel Pentium 4 CPUs (watch for the "lm" flag in /proc/cpuinfo or use infobash -v3).
o ≥256 MB RAM, ≥ 512 MB RAM for liveapt.
o VGA graphics card capable of at least 640x480 pixel resolution.
o optical disk drive or USB media.
o ≥3 GB HDD space, ≥10 GB recommended.
* i686:
o Intel Pentium pro/ Pentium II
AMD K7 Athlon (not K5/ K6)
VIA C3-2 (Nehemiah, not C3 Samuel or Ezra)/ C7
any x86-64/ EM64T capable CPU or newer; the full i686 command set is required.
o ≥192 MB RAM, ≥ 512 MB RAM for liveapt.
o VGA graphics card capable of at least 640x480 pixel resolution.
o optical disk drive or USB media.
o ≥3 GB HDD space, ≥10 GB recommended.

Now to the interesting topics, like what's on the menu for now:

* Debian sid, as of 2008-09-22.
* kernel (smp, hard preemption).
* 7.3.
* KDE 3.5.9/ 3.5.10 (en + de).
* new, SVG based, art theme created by bfree and the sidux art team.
* offline manual for en + de directly on the disc, online manuals for more languages online at and available via apt; a big thank you goes to the documentation and translation teams!
Please note that the offline manual is only available on the running live CD or the installed system.
* many changes for the manual.
* support for Intel P4x, G4x and Q4x chipsets.
* iwlwifi support (3945 and 4965 chipsets).
* ath5k support for 54/ "108" MBit/s Atheros cards.
* b43/ b43legacy support for Broadcom wlan cards.
* rt2x00 support for RaLink cards.
* support for RealTek RTL8101 and RTL8102(E) PCIe ethernet cards.
* support for RealTek RTL8180L and RTL8185 PCI/ cardbus wlan cards.
* support for RealTek RTL8187 USB wlan cards.
* support for ADMtek ADM8211 PCI/ cardbus wlan cards.
* support for IPWireless 3G UMTS PCMCIA cards.
* support for HSDPA Broadband Wireless Data (Globe Trotter) cards.
* e1000e support for Intel 82801I, 82566DM-2, 82562GT-2, 82562G-2 and 82562V-2 Gigabit Ethernet cards (ICH9).
* support for Logitech Quickcam Orbit, Logitech Quickcam Pro for Notebooks, Logitech Quickcam Pro 5000, Asus Eee PC webcams (linux-uvc).
* fw-detect to probe for hardware with non-free needs.
* memtest86+.
* bitsetting/ xrandr settings for ATi and Intel cards.
* native gtk2 support for siduxcc.
* screen support fixed.
* bugfixes for virtualbox-ose and kernel 2.6.26 guests.
* virtualbox-ose 1.6.6.
* several XFCE bugfixes.
* persistent userprofile defaults for new users.
* OpenJDK 6 for kde-full.
* Support for Bamboo fun graphics tablets (must be attached during the live-session).
* fixes for VESA graphics display support.
* overhauled printer and bluetooth detection, CUPS now scans automatically for network printers.
* fixed the menu.lst generation for existing operating systems.

1727397f2d0ecb16121e87862b6b2695 *sidux-2008-03-ourea-kde-full-i386-amd64-200809221842.iso

virt-p2v 0.9.7

"virt-p2v is a live CD for migrating physical machines to virtual machine guests.

In the simplest mode of operation, you take a pre-built live CD ISO from the main website ( and burn it to a CD-R. Then insert the CD-R into the physical machine which must be migrated, reboot, and follow the on-screen instructions. See STANDARD USAGE section below.

You may also build a customized live CD. Typically this will contain things like server details specific to your organization, so that the live CD can run mostly or completely automatically. See BUILDING A CUSTOM LIVE CD section below.

In both cases, files and disk images are transferred from the physical machine over the network to the virtualization host machine over ssh. Therefore sshd must be running on the virtualization host, and must be accessible to that host. See SERVER REQUIREMENTS section below.

The virt-p2v script must only be run from the live CD. It isn't designed to run outside this environment and could do Bad Things to your machine if you try it. The script contains some checks to try to stop you from doing this.

Virt-p2v does not modify the physical machine, its disks, configuration etc."

MD5: 87e86e7cdf6c56c1ea115e5994f632f8 virt-p2v-0.9.7.iso 158MB

4bak 0.02

"Forensics CLI tools and backup/recovery applications

4bak is a Slax-based liveUSB with a collection of forensics command line interface (CLI) tools and others backup/recovery applications. This version of 4bak is based on Slax 6.0.7 with the kernel The desktop is a mix of Fluxbox and Rox. 4bak liveUSB is configured in dual boot with DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke). With DBAN you can securely wipes the hard disks of most computers. The content of 4bak liveUSB is the follow:

Analysis tools:
aff tools, autopsy/sleuthkit/mac-robber, disktype, ewf utils, md5deep, readpst, rdd-verify, reglookup, trid

Recovery tools:
GNU ddrescue, dd_rescue/dd_rhelp, ext3undel, foremost, magicrescue, myrescue, ntfsundelete, photorec, recoverjpeg, scalpel, scrounge-ntfs, testdisk, hachoir-metadata, jhead, pdfinfo, vinetto, gpart, john the ripper

Imager tools:
aimage, dc3dd, dcfldd, dd, ewfacquire, rdd-copy, sdd, sg_dd

Anti-forensics tools:
secure_delete, shred, steghide, truecrypt, wipe

Others Forensics tools:
tableaucontrol, tableauinfo, tableau-parm

System tools:
gparted, ntfs-3g, partimage

Others tools:
gvim, bview, hexedit, epdfview, gqview, screencapture, bashburn, tkdvd, firefox, rox-filer, xarchiver, mc

*** Same of Helix liveCD, 4bak will not auto mount swap space, or auto mount any attached devices. ***"

bdf02302b01822e8a373a3e553b07ce1 4bak-0.02.tar

Cooperation-iws 5.0

Cooperation IWS is an Intranet Nomad Web Server project:

1. A web server, to provide hosting services of web applications (Blog - words processor, Wiki, Forum, Electronic Documents Management, Pictures galleries - Pictures manipulation, eLearning portal, …) for collaborative work that contributes to knowledge management and/or knowledge engineering.
2. Intranet, to provide these services where you want: at home, at association meetings, at professional meetings without requiring an internet connection or without the volonty to publish personnal items on the web .
3. Nomad, to bring these services with you, on a cd/dvd, usb key, or usb hard drive

Cooperation-iws is a Live CD /USB project to run open sources applications written in php, perl, java, python on USB key with persistent mode.

Project is based on open source remastering live scripts of Ubuntu Hardy Live Desktop (LTS) with modules for the best open source applications.

Demo CD / DVD and live-scripts are available for download.

Project page:

Modules list:

Project philosophy:

Project download page:

3ff3168dea2fa937fb347d5c3e2b1fdb cooperation-iws-0.5.0-CD.iso
9ef3341d554f6876139393ebfe3a92bf cooperation-iws-0.5.0-DVD.iso

TurnKey Linux 20080902

TurnKey Linux is a new opensource project that aims to develop high-quality opensource software appliances
that are easy to deploy, easy to use and free.

In a nutshell, we believe everything that can be easy, should be easy!

We've recently released public betas of our first three Live CD appliances:

As described on our website:

  • Based on Ubuntu 8.04.1 (hardy LTS).
  • Minimal footprint (typically around 150MB) - each appliance is
    carefully built from the ground up with the minimum components needed
    to serve its role with maximum efficiency and security.
  • Packaged as an installable Live CD (I.e., bootable ISO) that can run
    on real hardware in addition to most types of virtual machines.

15aab31af4dabb87bb1fbca39d0ce3826c61acbd *turnkey-lamp-2008.09.02-hardy-x86.iso
d077fb05236bb36b83e0a604e68d9eca162d6d49 *turnkey-drupal-2008.09.02-hardy-x86.iso

Hadron Gnu/Linux

Hadron is a Gentoo-base LiveCD for daily use and data recovery. You can surf the internet, listen to music, watch films, edit and view documents, etc..
* Firefox 3
* Pidgin
* Abiword
* Evince
* Gnumeric
* Audacious
* Geany
* Mplayer
* Mirage
* Vinagre and tsclient

In addition, you can use Hadron as data recovery tool. Hadron contains testdisk, parted, Gparted, PhotoRec, sfdisk etc

If you intrest in Hadron, can visit our homepage...

svn checkout hadronlive-read-only

BackTrack 3 LiveCD and LiveUSB

"BackTrack is the most Top rated linux live distribution focused on penetration testing. With no installation whatsoever, the analysis platform is started directly from the CD-Rom and is fully accessible within minutes. [...]

Currently BackTrack consists of more than 300 different up-to-date tools which are logically structured according to the work flow of security professionals. This structure allows even newcomers to find the related tools to a certain task to be accomplished. New technologies and testing techniques are merged into BackTrack as soon as possible to keep it up-to-date.

No other commercial or freely available analysis platform offers an equivalent level of usability with automatic configuration and focus on penetration testing."

Description: CD Image
Name:: bt3-final.iso
Size: 695 MB
MD5: f79cbfbcd25147df32f5f6dfa287c2d9
SHA1: 471f0e41931366517ea8bffe910fb09a815e42c7

Description: USB Version (Extended)
Name:: bt3final_usb.iso
Size: 784 MB
MD5: 5d27c768e9c2fef61bbc208c78dadf22
SHA1: 3aceedea0e8e70fff2e7f7a7f3039704014e980f

Fedora Electronic Laboratory Live i686

"'Design, Simulate and Program electronics. [...]

Fedora Electronic Lab' is a Feature for Fedora 8. It was approved on FESCo Meeting (2007-08-16).

For Fedora 8's release, "Fedora Electronic Lab" targets mainly the Micro-Nano Electronic Engineering field.

It introduces

* tools for Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Design Flow process to the Fedora Collection for ASIC Design Flow.
* extra open source standard cell libraries supporting a feature size of 0.13µm
* extracted spice decks which are simulated with gnucap/ngspice

It is intended for electronic, VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) students and hobbyists for educational purposes."

Tiny Linux 2.0-pre1

"Tiny Linux is a small Linux distribution designed especially for old recycled computers. [...]

On the cd we have:

- a bootable tiny linux based on Slackware's initrd.img - not compressed so you need: 6mb for just putting the image into memory, 1 mb for the kernel, 1 mb for basic modules and 1 mb for system to work: 6+1+1+1 = 9mb of RAM -> that's what you need to use the CD.

TINY Linux distribution comes under "GNU GPL."

Size: 56956202 bytes ~ 57 MB
MD5: d7be63b179174c8dd92f56ef0994ef48 *

For version 1.0 look at:

WattOS Alpha 2

"Our message is simple

Light - Fast - Now

Use your computers in a lightweight but fully featured way using less energy. The operating will run on low power computers and recycled systems keeping you working and playing with all the features you expect..

It will be fast and easy, and now is the right time to rethink our energy use and computers in our daily lives.

There will be three desktop versions

wattOS - The core desktop system using a fully featured Gnome desktop

mWattOS - Milliwatt a smaller desktop system using XFCE as the core interface. (known as mWOS)

µWattOS - Microwatt an even smaller desktop utilizing a minimal desktop GUI or command line. Ideal for appliances, small systems, kiosks, or old computers.

There will initially be one server version that will be modular and specialized.

Substation - The wattOS server"

WattOS Alpha 2 Torrent Download 457.40 MB

Toorox 08.2008-KDE4

"Toorox is a Linux Live-DVD based on Gentoo booting up with KNOPPIX technology. Designed for easy using, multi-lingual(de,en), simple control center, hard disk installer."


-Kernel 2.6.24-gentoo-r8
-KDE 4.1.0
-OpenOffice 2.4.1
-Firefox 3.0
-Wine 1.0
-K3b 1.0.5

From the Changelog:

-KDE 4.1.0
-Fixed boot time (language - english)

MD5 Toorox 08.2008-KDE4 38503717050fcc53838f247f6c98842f

xPUD 0.7

"xPUD is a small Linux distribution which contains only web browser and media player. It's been optimized for USB pendrive with "Boot-Gear" fast booting method, easy-to-use "Plate" user interface and "Opt-Get" software module mechanism.

xPUD is relatively small and fast, and has been fully integrated with browser, so it can be a great platform to deliver Web apps or runs on small devices such like Netbook and MID.


* Standard Ubuntu Linux derivative
* Easy to customize without rebuilding
* Relatively fast and lightweight
* Simple Web-based user interface
* Extensible software plugin and portal" (76MB)

Inquisitor 3.0 final

Inquisitor is a mature hardware diagnostics, stress testing, certification and monitoring platform, running on GNU/Linux. It's suitable for both enterprise and home use, customizable, modular and available in standalone version, server-controlled network boot production system and serverless Live CD format.

Inquisitor team is pleased to announce Inquisitor v3.0 — a first major open-source version of the platform. After initial announcement of Inquisitor branch 3.x in August 2007, it's a fruit of almost a year of labor.

Inquisitor version 3 is a major redesign of older 1.x and 2.x systems.

New features:

  • Modularity: it consists of dozens of interconnected and interchangeable modules with well-defined API; one can easily add new modules to add new tests, detections, production steps, etc.
  • Three varieties: standalone (runs on top of already installed OS), live CD (can be used to analyse/test just one home computer), enterprise (server-controller network boot).
  • Flexibility: every test parameter can be adjusted, all system can be customized.
  • Server-controlled testing: server-based version includes a database that stores all the data on all computers that were tested by Inquisitor. If only some parts of hardware will change, clever scheduler won't redo all the long testing, but only tests relevant to hardware changes.

For those who would like to try Inquisitor, the easiest way is to download a 130MB ISO, available for both x86 and x86_64 from

Comments and especially bug reports are welcome.

Ubuntu Rescue Remix 8.04 CD USB

"Ubuntu Rescue Remix is a GNU/Linux live system which runs from CD or USB flash device. It provides the data recovery specialist with a command-line interface environment equipped with the best free-libre, open source data recovery and forensics tools available." ubuntu-remix-804.iso ubuntu-remix-804.usb.gz

MD5SUM: 9c4f019da1b9d27a469cfbeb5e73dba6 ubuntu-remix-804.iso
MD5SUM: e480c4a72171203e1384c6a3e6990786 ubuntu-remix-804.usb.gz

Inquisitor v3.0-rc2 LiveCD x86 x86_64

"Inquisitor is an open-source hardware testing and certification system, suitable for both enterprise and home use, customizable, modular and available in both serverless Live CD/DVD format and server-controlled network boot production system.

It can analyse and test your hardware from top to the bottom and assure that it won’t fail easily under the production stress.

Inquisitor is:

* Flexible: you can adjust just about any parameter in analysis or testing process and customize the system to the widest extent.

* Modular: it’s made up from a series of interchangeable modules; one can easily add new modules to add new tests, detections, production steps, etc.

* Intelligent: server-based version includes a database that stores all the data on all computers that were tested by Inquisitor. If only some parts of hardware will change, clever scheduler won’t redo all the long testing, but only tests relevant to hardware changes.

* Distributed: due to modular architecture, Inquisitor can be easily distributed across a cluster to distribute load or make a geographically distributed system.

* Scalable: it could be helpful to analyse/test just one home computer or all the computers in your organization, up to multiple thousands computers in manufacturing enterprise.

* Free as in speech: the base platform is distributed under the GPL license.

* Mature: Inquisitor is based on a rock-solid Linux technology and is under active development since 2004. There are multiple production enterprise installations relying on it." x86 x86_64

x86 3106c86ae10994e150278a159687e5da50d0f059
x86_64 f43a32f45482f85ea09ac1c8da122f10b0e3a1e3

Untangle 530

"Untangle delivers an integrated family of applications that help you simplify and consolidate the network and security products you need, in one place at the network gateway. The most popular applications let businesses block spam, spyware, viruses, and phish, filter out inappropriate web content, control unwanted protocols like instant messaging, and provide remote access and support options to their employees. Every downloadable application is pre-configured and guaranteed to work together.

* All applications run on one off-the-shelf server
* Pre-configured on-demand downloads
* Integrated administration and reporting

Open Source (and Free): The Untangle Gateway Platform and 12 of the applications that run on it are open source and free to use under the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL). This includes updates to signatures, block lists, and category lists, as well as upgrades to the applications themselves. The applications run on the Untangle Gateway Platform, which is also open source and free under the GPL."

Incognito i686 20080109.1

"Incognito, noun:

1. One unknown or in disguise, or under an assumed character or name.
2. The assumption of disguise or of a feigned character; the state of being in disguise or not recognized.

Incognito is an open source LiveDistro based on Gentoo Linux assisting you to securely and anonymously use the Internet almost anywhere you go, e.g. your home, work, university, favourite Internet cafe or local library. Incognito can be used from either a CD or a USB drive and has several Internet applications (Web browser, IRC client, Mail client, Instant messenger, etc.) pre-configured with security in mind, and all Internet traffic will be anonymized. To use it, you simply insert the CD or USB that you have installed Incognito on in a computer and restart it. Incognito should then start as an independent operating system instead of Microsoft Windows or whatever operating system you have installed. It is also possible to run Incognito as a guest operating system inside Microsoft Windows by simply inserting the media while Windows is running which should present you with a menu.

Incognito is Free Software released under the GNU/GPL (version 2)."

7ed6d4eec5327ac7cd5ce6fb94b03f33 incognito-i686-20080109.1.iso
07521ccaa5118fd8b4ffa702b80c74b8e3c8b7f9 incognito-i686-20080109.1.iso

Toorox 07.2008 Toorox 07.2008-KDE4

"Toorox is a Linux Live-DVD based on Gentoo booting up with KNOPPIX technology. Designed for easy using, multi-lingual(de,en), simple control center, hard disk installer."


-Kernel 2.6.24-gentoo-r8
-KDE 4.0.83 (KDE 4.1 Beta 2)
-OpenOffice 2.4.1
-Firefox 3.0
-Wine 1.0
-K3b 1.0.5

From the Changelog:

-Update Hardware-Database (HW-Detection)
-Update of many packages
-Fixed Soundcard mixer muted problem after installation
-Fixed boot problem with ATI HD Cards
-Fixed 3D-Desktop problem after installing proprietary ATI drivers
-Included radeonhd driver
-Added kde4-overlay (KDE4)
-Added Epiphany Web Browser
-Added Gnuchess"

MD5 Toorox 07.2008 c5a0f2609dd00f7a52194f19ff019fed
MD5 Toorox 07.2008-KDE 43fe5fe02f1d57717c9a587d8052b88d9

EasyHotspot 01

EasyHotspot is an alternative solution for hotspot billing system. Its contain some particular open source software that bundled into a single package. We DO NOT try to make a replacement to similar existing open source projects. Our aim is delivering a system that simple, easy to install, use and modify.

Admin Login :

* username : admin
* password : admin123

Cashier Login :

* username : vcool
* password : vcool123

Website :

Download :

Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD 5.1

"Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD 5.1 has been released for i386 and x86_64

The Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD runs Scientific Linux directly from CD/DVD without installing. It can be downloaded from Public mirrors of Scientific Linux 5.1 LiveCD/DVD can be found at the download page (
The following versions are available:

* Mini-LiveCD 32bit with Icewm desktop
* LiveCD 32bit with Gnome desktop
* LiveCD 64bit with Gnome desktop
* LiveDVD 32bit with Gnome/KDE/Icewm desktop
* LiveDVD 64bit with Gnome/KDE/Icewm desktop

LiveCD/DVD features:

* fully writable root filesystem
* hardware auto-detection
* can be installed to local hard disk
* can be installed on USB key
* can be mounted over NFS (as diskless client)

Software added compared to standard Scientific Linux

* ntfs-3g (read/write NTFS support)
* ntfsprogs
* kernel-module-ntfs
* gparted
* testdisk
* dd_rescue
* partimage (only i386 and DVD)
* iperf
* aufs

Major software updates compared to Scientific Linux 5.0 Live CD

* kernel 2.6.18-53.1.13.el5 (including iwlwifi WLAN driver)
* OpenAFS client 1.4.6
* update to the latest SL 5.1 software
* first release of Mini-LiveCD and LiveDVD"

328a0122046170fe7ffdef89ebcc2207 livecd_SL51_gnome_2008-02-15.iso
ae26805a4ce10d764179314a8f45f9e6 livedvd_SL51_2008-02-15.iso
8d9348e5f5393ad774741a821bb8a16c mini_livecd_SL51_2008-02-15.iso

Amacdys 0.23

"Amacdys is a single floppy operating system for playing mp3 CDs. Or Amacdys is bootable mp3 player, that fits into single floppy."

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