Annvix 3.0-RELEASE

"Annvix is a free secure Linux-based operating system produced by the Annvix development team and Danen Consulting Services. The Annvix project aims to provide a secure, stable, and fast Linux distribution specifically tailored to servers that provide reliable services such as Email, Web, DNS, FTP, File sharing, and more.

The philosophy behind Annvix is security and reliability, and to that end we incorporate projects such as runit for always-on services, socklog for secure and reliable logging, RSBAC for enhanced kernel-level security, and many other custom tools and various software packages. The Annvix footprint is small, a typical default install for a LAMP server is under 400MB in size and every effort is made for the operating system to be lean, use less memory and disk space, to provide maximum functionality and utilize resources without introducing unnecessary bloat.

Annvix is freely available from our FTP mirrors. The current release is 3.0-RELEASE which was released on December 30, 2007.

The Annvix install ISO also makes an excellent lightweight live CD (in fact, the installer is just another program on the image itself), making the ISO a good Linux recovery system."

OpenGEU 7.10 Luna Nuova

"When a Gnome reaches Enlightenment [...]

OpenGEU, previously known as Geubuntu, is a complete and fully functional operative system based on the popular Linux Distribution Ubuntu. OpenGEU, a project started and designed by the Italian artist Luca D.M. (aka TheDarkMaster), is perfect for any Desktop, Laptop PC or even for a Virtual Machine. OpenGEU mixes the power and simplicity of Ubuntu and parts of the Gnome Desktop with the wonder and astonishing eye-candy of Enlightenment DR17.

OpenGEU will be a new experience for any user trying to run a stand-alone E17 Desktop in the past. To know exactly what Enlightenment is, we suggest you visit the Home Page of the project. On the user side, E17 appears as an incredibly nice looking Desktop Shell, composed of a Window Manager, a full set of libraries, a Desktop and a collection of modules and applications. In this stage, Enlightenment alone is not enough to make you desktop fully functional, and it's strange that so many people are pretending Enlightenment to become a full Desktop Environment like Gnome, KDE or XFCE.

That's where OpenGEU comes in. OpenGEU completes the missing parts of the E17 Desktop Shell and WM with a certain number of tools and applications from the Gnome Desktop. This is only natural, after all: it would be crazy to believe that E17 should provide a full set of applications based on ETK instead of GTK!

In OpenGEU you can find a classic Ubuntu set of applications mixed with those provided and created from and for E17. You'll experience a finally usable and productive Enlightenment 0.17 Desktop, even if you are a beginner!"

8436e7ad1cd2e984cdc51884cd0c095e opengeu-7.10-desktop-i386.iso

Mustang Linux 2.8.1

"Mustang Linux is a brand new entry in the small Linux distribution field. It aims to provide a simple (single mini) CD based Linux end-user client. The system boots from CD and loads the base operating system into a RAM image. No hard drive required. Uses 168MB of RAMDISK and needs a 586 system or higher with at least 256MB of RAM. Most base packages are from Slackware. The kernel is the latest compiled with nearly all network cards and options. [...]

Mustang Linux along with the Multi-Action Shell (mash) is intended as a tool for support of Linux/Unix systems and databases.

The idea is to provide a single small CD that will allow access to the network from any computer . System requirements are:

i386 System
Minimum of 256MB RAM
Standard CD reader

The system ca also be used inside a firewall without requiring any hard drive usage."

Slack Mini Server 1.3.3

"S-M-S stands for Slack Mini Server. A Linux operating system console based and manageable through Webmin web-based interface... Although described as a mini server, have all the features of a powerful server such as apache2, sendmail, spamassassin, clamav, squid, iptables firewall, mysql, cups and lot of other stuff.

SMS also features TorrentFlux, a powerful php based bit torrent client that can be managed from anywhere, making this server not only server administrators interest, but simple users too that want to download torrents safe and secure.

This server runs from a live CD or installed on a hard disk through a text installer.

The liveCD created with linux-live scripts and the text-installer taken from Slax's development."

5d7b053ed7e060bcf05f42cb21991c5a *SMS.Live.CD-1.3.3.iso 233 MB

Edupup 2.00 Beta

"Edupup 2.00 Beta. It is still beta but it will work, even if it has minor issues to correct, such as menu voice etc.. which I can do sooner or later.

Of course, it is Puppy based, in particular Puppy 3.01 based, and it is a 140 Mb distro. So it should work with 128 Mb ram but it is better to have also a bit of swap. It should work also with 64 Mb ram and a big swap partition but I'm not sure because I never tried with this configuration.

This is a light version of Edupup. I think it will follow a full version which will be richer from packages point of view but, of course, it will be for newest pc because it will ask bigger hardware resources (I'm thinking to GCompris, Squeak, Exe Learning, Chess games etc..).

Following news of this version:

Firefox rather than Seamonkey
MPlayer rather than Xine
GSlapt package manager
Puppy Software Installer By MU
Petget Package manager

Packages for kids
TuxPuck - Funny and simple hockey table game
TuxMath 1.5.7 - Great game to learn math
TuxType2 1.5.3 - Learning to type the keyboard
TuxPaint 0.9.14 - Paint and fun Smile
TuxPaint-Config 0.0.5
ChildsPlay 0.90 - A very good suite of learning games."

30a0195168da76403fdf3eb99b4826f6 edupup200.iso 139.92 Mb

BlackRoute v0.1 Release Candidate 4

"black | route is another security and forensics analysis linux distribution for x86 compatible architectures. The goal of the project is to create a GNU/Linux distribution for advance users, texttools lovers, network, security specialist and system administrators. It was originally based on Slackware. [...]

BlackRoute 0.1 Release Candidate 4

Well folks, it's that time to announce the fourth release of Black Route, it brings lots of improvements and new features integrated with the latest open source technologies, lots of updated packages, I'm currently working on installer but you can manually install it on your system, this release also bring pre-installed virtual machine. Please help me to find the last bugs before we can release the final version :)"

MD5: fc20374b911900661fa2e6aad0a24e00

GoblinX Micro 2.6

"GoblinX is a Live-CD that is based on the excellent Slackware, developed and maintained by Flavio de Oliveira a.k.a Grobsch and created by using Linuxlive scripts.

It is directed towards those users whose appreciate quality applications and a workspace that is both practical and beautiful. It contains some of the most often used and praised applications for Linux, a completely operational Linux system inside a single CD-ROM, runs from any CD-ROM drive without requiring the installation and can be easily costumized by everyone. It also can be used inside a Pendrive or other bootable device. [...]

The GoblinX Micro Edition is the smallest version of our distribution and contains only Fluxbox as windows manager and GTK/GTK2 based applications. The edition is indicated for those users whose like to do fast tests, know more about Fluxbox and rebuild the livecd.

The Micro is created mostly to help us to develop better and small applications that can be used for all small windows managers such as Fluxbox, and also prepare the livecd without all less necessary files we can find. We also intend to use it to test Web2 and/or Ajax applications."

Md5 Checksum: a14d6915af3193648c68384bdf8648c2

Klikit-Linux 0.1-8

"Klikit-Linux is an informal project focused on developing a modern, free, user-friendly and fun Linux desktop. It uses the well known, award winning KDE enviroment. It can run as a LIVE-CD on practically any PC (x86), and can be installed to your hard drive in just a few minutes.

Klikit-Linux is based on the latest release of Kubuntu, taking advantage of many of its best features, and then adds its own touch, depending on the desires of the community. The release dates of Klikit-Linux will depend on the stability of the latest Kubuntu packages.

Klikit-Linux comes with a collection of applications that will meet most of your daily computer needs, such as office, graphic, multimedia, and internet work.

Klikit-Linux is a true community-driven project. You and the community are, and will always be, the main voice behind any decision that is taken building the O.S.

Klikit-Linux is and always will be completely free, You will be able to use it, modify it, distribute it and do whatever you want with it. You will always have the freedom of choice. [...]

Notes: This is a "fix release", with just a few changes from the previous version (0.1-7B)
that include:

* Fixed the problems with Envy (ATI and Nvidia driver installer)
* Many Screensavers.
* A Wizard to upgrade from the Feisty to the Gutsy core (screenshot tour HERE).
* The Foomatic package (printer drivers) is pre-installed
* Added a Display configuration (resolution) application to the START_HERE folder."

MD5 Checksum: d2cba4893351a97deef4d5656281068e


"MythTVOS-2008 is a new Remaster based on PCLinuxOS Minime 2008. It provides a preconfigured MythTV setup for multimedia junkies! It comes preconfigured for UK Digital Freeview but is easily changed to suit your hardware/region configuration. See the readme in the torrent. The livecd can also be run as a Frontend on any machine on the network.."

Ubuntu Rescue Remix 7.10

"Ubuntu Rescue Remix is a GNU/Linux live cd that provides the data recovery specialist with a command-line interface environment equipped with the best free-libre, open source data recovery and forensics tools available."

MD5SUM: f3f5f2ec35cd3dd7ca181d06ee236072 Ubuntu-Rescue-Remix-7-10.iso

GoboLinux 014

"GoboLinux is an alternative Linux distribution which redefines the entire filesystem hierarchy.

In GoboLinux you don't need a package manager because the filesystem is the package manager: each program resides in its own directory, such as /Programs/Xorg/7.2/ and /Programs/KDE-Libs/3.5.8. Like it?

We are pleased to introduce GoboLinux 014, the new major release of GoboLinux, the Linux distribution with an alternative directory structure. Major upgrades include KDE 3.5.8, Glibc 2.5 and Xorg 7.2, as well as new versions of the GoboLinux management tools.

Read the detailed release notes for more information and the full list of packages.

Thanks to everybody who contributed by testing the development snapshots, submitting bug reports, fixing bugs, writing recipes...

...and a happy new year to everyone! :-)"

MD5: 6c8ac1518b72639ba16f9580f15d4b6f GoboLinux-014-i686.iso

Linguas OS 0.2-386

"Linguas OS is a FREE (both as in without charge, and as in with Liberty) GNU/Linux operating system adapted for translators.

Linguas OS was initiated by me, Anthony Baldwin. I started using Linux while working as an impoverished public school teacher in 2000. I have continued to use Linux as I have entered the translation industry, and now, with several years experience as a freelance translator, and running my own agency, I still use Linux. I save thousands of dollars a year by not having to purchase proprietary software licenses, and yet, I have all of the software I need to perform my work, including a CAT program, full office suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, html editing and databases, tools for manipulating .pdf files, and dtp, internet tools, dictionaries and thesaurus, tools for managing the financial end of the business, communications tools, image manipulation tools. I can manipulate all of the industry standard file formats, including all MSOffice® files, image files, Adobe® .pdf files, etc."

1a5b915716f085547168eefb3edda69d /home/translator/PCLinguaFluxOS/LinguaFluxOS-LiveCD-0.2-386.iso

Slax-LFI 1.2

"Slax-LFI est un petit Rescue-CD Linux bootable. Il lance Linux directement à partir du CD sans rien installer.

Son objectif est de mettre à disposition de façon aisée et rapide un ensemble d'outils de diagnostic et de secours pour les postes de travail, sous environnement graphique (KDE) et principalement avec :

* GParted : gestion des partitionnement de disques
* Partimage : permet de faire des images des partitions et de les restaurer
* Clamav : l'antivirus GNU Linux
* Testdisk : utilitaire permettant de récupérer les partitions endommagées

Mais aussi :

* Mozilla Firefox : le célèbre navigateur web libre
* K3B : logiciel de gravure de CD et DVD"

Taille : 233 Mo

md5sum : e491d3564db46ccf00250b2d89d890e1

Ikki Boot 1.2

"Ikki Boot est un live cd multiboot qui a pour objectif le dépannage, le partitionnement de disques, la sauvegarde et la restauration de données.

Il contient :

* Parted Magic un live cd pour le partitionnement des disques durs.
* RIPLinux (Recovery Is Possible) un puissant rescue cd.
* Toutou Linux un live cd rapide, fiable, simple d'utilisation et en français."

5578c53769cf8c89fccaf79baea72b4e Ikki_Boot_1.2.iso
7d585896fdd6fa45f4b58ff2bbd74456 Ikki_Boot_1.2_USB.tar.gz

Vafeo distributions 1.01-1

VAFEO is a suite of Linux distributions which proposes a serie of Linux distributions which covers practically most computing needs of businesses and individuals.
The version vafeo-1.01 offers 11 distributions for server and desktop environments :
- vs_business : integration of best-known business application servers
- vs-content : well-known Content Management Systems in PHP and Java
- vs-enterprise-php : softwares for enterprise management (ERP, CRM, CMS, ...) in PHP
- vs-manage : infrastructure management softwares
- vs-team : best of groupware application servers

- vd-arts : distribution for artists, designers
- vd-audio : distribution which integrate the best of audio processing
- vd-easy-eclipse : java IDEs
- vd-home : a distribution for home entertainement
- vd-office : distribution for offices : OpenOffice, Planner, Evolution, ...
- vd-xdesktop : a distribution for multiple usages

Based on Debian Lenny, the Vafeo distributions offers you the possibilities to extend each of its distributions with all softwares in Debian/Lenny archives. (downloads)

PUD GNU/Linux 0.4.8

"PUD GNU/Linux is a mini LiveCD based on Ubuntu Linux, which takes up under 200MB, with (both Simplified/Traditional) Chinese enhancements.

The main purpose of this project is to provide a complete Linux desktop, yet remain small and easy to use. [...]

We're glad to release a new version. Included the new logo and boot menu, integrated with some Gnome tools, improved laptop support from keyboard detect, suspend/hibernate to wireless setting, make PUD v0.4.8 to become the most completed release so far.

* ISO image: pud-0.4.8.iso (196MB)
* Build Kit: build-livecd-r112.tar.gz

This system is based on Ubuntu 7.10 with new kernel and packages, patched with Squashfs-LZMA compression and Aufs filesystem (get the patches and source). Other upgrades including 3D desktop effects (Compiz Fusion) and 10+ Opt-Get plugins; and a easy way to make bootable USB stick called mkliveusb.
icon screenshot
Main New Features

* New Artwork:
Guru Takumi designed a whole new project Logo, and also the new Gfxboot menu.
* New Kernel and More Applications
Based on Ubuntu 7.10 and Linux kernel 2.6.22, add gnomebaker, gparted, TightVNC and OpenSSH to make remote control easier. (More information: packages list)
* Easy to Make a LiveUSB:
Wanna have a bootable USB stick? Use the built-in tool mkliveusb, the LiveUSB can be make in only one-step.
* screenshot Laptop support improvement
Including uswsusp Suspend/Hibernate, integrated with Network-Manager-Gnome and Gnome-System-Tools, setting up wireless connection is easier than before.
* Upgraded Opt-Get Plugin System:
Opt-Get now can preserve dpkg info and cleanup the branch. There are plugins like 3D Desktop Effects (Compiz Fusion), Printer Support,, Samba, Wine..etc."

ZenEdu Live Special Edition 2007

Zenwalk community, on the occasion of this festive season, is pleased to offer you a Special Edition of ZenEdu Live. A LiveCD based on Zenwalk snapshot and majoring on educational & fun contents which can be used independently by educational institutions, families, students & children alike.

Along with the legendary speed, lightness & full multimedia support you can expect from a Zenwalk derived production, key features include the famed educational suite Gcompris, the universal OpenOffice suite & the indispensable over-the-network teaching & viewing tool iTALC, already pre-configured with teacher/student parameters.

Thanks to lzma compression, we were able to include educational programs ranging from astronomy, chemistry, languages, math, music, etc... all the way to simple programming.

MD5: ea336375ebeb1916ce47337c2a300647

PCFluxboxOS Midiflux i586 0_6_1b

"PCFluxboxOS is a beautiful little remaster series of PCLinuxOS with Fluxbox as the window manager.

PCFluxboxOS gives you all the power of PCLinuxOS through Synaptic and the Control Center, whilst delivering a lightning fast operating system, even on older hardware. [...]

I am pleased to announce the first test release of MidiFlux, version 0.6.1 beta (only 368 MB). This test release is built from TinyFlux 0.6b with a few improvements to the base system hence 0.6.1! One heck of a lot has been crammed into the extra 130MB so this distro should appeal to a wide variety of users, particularly those who loved TinyFlux but wanted to do more with it -see the applications lists below."

MD5: 15594809b9591eddef9386a92a6c9b95

eeeXubuntu 7.10.2 Desktop i386

"eeeXubuntu is a custom version of the Xubuntu 7.10 Live CD with fully-integrated hardware support, including native wireless drivers, functioning Ethernet support, tweaks for low-resolution desktop environments, and other miscellaneous fixes. Wherever possible, these changes are incorporated using custom .deb packages rather than spewing assorted files all over post-install. (”./configure; make; make install”? yuck!)

The goal of this project is to maintain a easy-to-install Xubuntu Live CD image for the eeePC, allowing for a reliable base Xubuntu install. The hardware is all the same… this should be easy."

md5: 28c22d735f7626fc4aa4dd75d89e7eaf

BackTrack 3 Beta 141207

"BackTrack is the most Top rated linux live distribution focused on penetration testing. With no installation whatsoever, the analysis platform is started directly from the CD-Rom and is fully accessible within minutes. [...]

No other commercial or freely available analysis platform offers an equivalent level of usability with automatic configuration and focus on penetration testing."

MD5: 04ed8742fc8facd1ecc8c9f6f567c116
SHA: 70c33e0aa75a978b8a87a207bf488ecec8d10a87

Vacarm Linux 0.1

"Vacarm Linux est une distribution GNU/Linux orientée sécurité informatique."

76425b5b66cc77967424097daaf3a7f7 VacarmLinux-0.1.iso

Galinux-Slax 1.4

Galinux-Slax is devoted to education in galician language (north of spain). Please, note that for non-galician speakers it would be hard to install and/or use.

It started as a windows-xp installed distro (1st released oct. 2006) with no need of repartition or changing MBR/partition boot data. It boots from NT loader and all of its files are stored in a NTFS directory. Provided you are running WinXP, all you have to do is start the windows assistant and you'll get Galinux-Slax ready to use.

Now it comes in 2 more versions: live-cd and usb installed.

Further info:

Screen shots (sorry, no english descriptions yet!):

Libraries and packages already included:

Changelog (sorry, no english text yet!):

Download USB installer:

Download installer for WinXP:

Download Live-CD:
(user = password = anonsvn)
This mirror contents also all of the versions and additional apps.

Best, (live-cd download) (live-cd boot screen options)

Wobbly NOP 3.01

"Wobbly NOP is a modified version of the small, light and fast LiveCD operating system Puppy Linux 3.01 and it includes the Compiz-Fusion compositing 3D window manager, for those "wobbly" effects. :-D All in just 130mb!

It's based on Puppy NOP (which uses the Xfce desktop environment (4.4.1) and the Opera web browser/internet suite. NOP itself is release-quality, but Wobbly NOP is still being worked on. This is a test release release for people willing to experiment and give feedback.

See this Puppy forum thread for more info on wobbly and to give feedback. [...]

t's based on NOP 3.01 and is about 130MB.
This is basically whats been added:

wow's october compiz test dotpet
The CCSM (settings manager) and Python.
Xorg7.2 DRI modules
Xorg7.2 OpenGL
Some bugfixes for ATI setups and Compiz itself.
Proprietary nVidia drivers (x3) (cos OSS drivers don't do AIGLX)
My own Compiz-Fusion wizard script (/usr/sbin/cfwizard)

The cfwizard script is run at the end of xorgwizard and sets up the appropriate configuration (xorg.conf, modules, drivers, etc). It currently relies on simple text-pattern matching, I'm really not sure how many cards this method will successfully detect. Perhaps there's a better way?"

MD5 checksum: 5acf5b9da44bb6d47503b051a599be2d

Screamix 1-0-NAIS x86

"This first release is a remastered and rebuilded version of UBUNTU 6.0.6-1 LTS ( Dapper ).

It starts like a live cd and then you can install on your pc/laptop ( the installer software is the same of ubuntu..
..nothing has been changed on that ).

Why i've do it... ??
..for my satisfaction... for my work and hobby (mmmmm...) ( i have forever with me my distro with all the software i need )..

Why i've choose Ubuntu?.. Ubuntu is debian derivate, the look and feel is ok... is stable and there's a lot of software 8)" (DVD)

f7c2b51697f5d2f37f5e3f13692d9d26 *Screamix_1-0-NAIS_x86.iso

OSADL Knoppix

"To evaluate the performance of a Realtime Kernel is a demanding task. This project was launched to assist the production of comparable benchmarks on as much different hardware platforms as possible. The need of unexperienced users to get a first impression of a Realtime Linux system was a second incitement to start the project.

The result is a Live CD based on Knoppix and containing an up-to-date Realtime Kernel as described in the corresponding OSADL project.

The system is directly booted from the CD. An automatically started benchmark tool will run a measurement of the scheduling latency during one minute. To simulate high system stress, a CPU load of nearly hundred percent is produced by a tool called hackbench. The result is visualized in a GNUPlot diagram marking the worst-case scheduling latency.

To see the results of the Realtime Kernel measurements on your own platform please follow these steps:

* Download the ISO image and burn a CD ROM (e.g. using commandline tools like cdrecord or graphical tools such as xcdroast).
* Boot the system from the CD and wait for the test to finish...

Another version of the Live CD, stripped down to the minimum of applications and space requirements can be used for evaluation on embedded systems. This Version is to come out soon."

Pardus 2007.3 Lynx lynx Live CD

"The following observations are revealed when we examine the place of the operating systems in the area of information technology in our country, the sectors they indirectly affect and their relations with the development motion in general:

* An operating system is required on which critical applications can work for the purpose of national defense, security and savings, which supports an open and standard data structure, whose source code is open as to allow for security monitoring and which can be deployed without suffering any financial burden.
* Redirecting the activities in Turkey about the information technology toward the value added projects and focusing on the high technology based on research and development activities are required.
* It is compulsory that the local data buildup which is both prerequisite and the result of such buildup are ensured in terms of both technological field and business processes.
* It should be preferred to determine the direction of the technological development, to change the weight of differing areas and thus to be dominant on the roadmap of the said operating system depending on the requirements of the country. [...]

Pardus Live CD can be used to check whether your hardware is ready for installing Pardus. However, note that, it cannot be used to install Pardus 2007.3 Lynx lynx to your hard disk. In order to install, you must download Pardus 2007.3 Lynx lynx ISO file mentioned above."

MD5: 5e7bffec6ae461f7997d0226a03da608 Pardus-Calisan-2007.3.iso

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Hardy Heron Alpha-1

"Welcome to Hardy Heron Alpha-1, which will in time become Ubuntu 8.04.

Pre-releases of Hardy are *not* encouraged for anyone needing a stable
system or anyone who is not comfortable running into occasional, even
frequent breakage. They are, however, recommended for Ubuntu developers and
those who want to help in testing, reporting, and fixing bugs.

Alpha 1 is the first in a series of milestone CD images that will be
released throughout the Hardy development cycle. The Alpha images are known
to be reasonably free of showstopper CD build or installer bugs, while
representing a very recent snapshot of Hardy. You can download it here: (Ubuntu) (Kubuntu) (Edubuntu) (Ubuntu JeOS) (Xubuntu) (Gobuntu) (UbuntuStudio)

See for a list of mirrors.

The primary changes from Gutsy have been the re-merging of changes from
Debian and the upgrade to Xorg 7.3.

Please refer to for information
on changes in Ubuntu and
for changes in Kubuntu.

This is quite an early set of images, so you should expect some bugs. For a
list of known bugs (that you don't need to report if you encounter), please
see: "

MD5: c7aea4a4898a16fc0704e0c9e40c7097 *hardy-desktop-i386.iso
MD5: d513e3ac7ec0b6e4678e12d4bd52a94e *hardy-desktop-amd64.iso

VNUML Live 2.1

"VNUML (Virtual Network User Mode Linux) is an open-source general purpose virtualization tool designed to quickly define and test complex network simulation scenarios based on the great User Mode Linux (UML) virtualization software. It has been initially developed in the context of Euro6IX research project to simulate IPv6 IX scenarios based on Linux and zebra/quagga routing daemons (see our article on IEEE Comms. Magazine). However, it is a useful tool that can be used to simulate general Linux based network scenarios.

VNUML is aimed to help in testing network applications and services over complex testbeds made of several nodes (even tenths) and networks inside one Linux machine, without involving the investment and management complexity needed to create them using real equipment.

VNUML tool is made of two main componets: the VNUML language used for describing simulations in XML; and the interpreter of the language (vnuml command), that builds and manages the simulation, hidding all UML complex details to the user. [...]

In order to easily test VNUML without having to install it in your computer, we have created a VNUML-Live-DVD based on Ubuntu that includes the VNUML tool and most of the examples available on this web."

ArtistX 0.4

" ArtistX is a live DVD which turns a computer into a full multimedia production studio. It is based on Debian GNU/Linux and contains nearly all the available free audio, 2D and 3D graphics, and video software for the GNU/Linux computing platform. It doesn't need to be installed, and boots directly into a running system without touching hard drives. The files produced with ArtistX can be easily stored on USB devices or CD/DVD medium while it is running. If you want to install it please take a look to our documentation to the ArtistX Installation Manual (Live DVD section). [...]

ArtistX 0.4 is ready for download. Now comes in two flavours (Gnome and KDE) and both include the Powua Client and Powua Tutorials. Powua is the Super Internet Computer and has been created to speed up CPU-intensive tasks. For example you can realize an animation with Blender and directly from ArtistX upload and render it on Powua (more info on the Powua Wiki and in the DVD). [...]

2D Graphic Software: Gimp (experimental version), Inkscape, Nip2, Krita, Cinepaint, Synfig, Rawstudio, Skencil, Hugin.

3D Graphic softwares: Blender, Wings3D, Kpovmodeler + Povray 3.6, K3D.

Video softwares: Cinelerra, Kino, Openmovieeditor, Kdenlive, Pitivi, Avidemux, Devede, and many others.

Video and Music players: Mplayer, Helix Player, Videolan, Xine, Kaffeine, Kmplayer, LastFM and many others.

Music software: PD and externals, Rosegarden, Ardour, TerminatorX, Cecilia/Csound, Gnusound, Mixxx and many others.

On the DVD you can find about 2500 multimedia softwares, practically everything made for the GNU/Linux platform."

Debian KDE4 beta4 live CD

"Thanks to the efforts of the Debian Live project, it is quite easy to create customizable live CDs. We have created live CDs with current KDE4 beta4 for i386 and amd64 architectures

The goal of this live CD is allow users taking a look at upcoming KDE 4.0 without messing their systems.
Technical details

login: user
password: live

Changing your keyboard layout is done by passing the following boot option to the boot:

live keyb=fr

Change fr to your language code ("de" for german, "en" for english, "es" for spanish, and so on.)"

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