AliXe v0.11 Xfce

"v0.11 Xfce (2007-09-22). The changes are:

* The modules were redone. That will facilitate the writing of a HOWTO;
* Various problems of localization were corrected;
* Xine,Totem and Audacious was removed;
* Mplayer, Gnome MPlayer and Beep Media Player carry out the audio/video reading;
* The audio bug was corrected under Mplayer;
* Upgraded: Firefox, Pidgin 2.2.0 and Parted 1.8.8;
* Dia 0.96.1 added;
* ISO size: 329 MB"

0ed9b2e8ec23e48ef67d3eb89f1aa196 alixe-v0.11-xfce.iso

MACH BOOT 20070911

"MACH BOOT is an experimental [Debian derived] CD booting technology with the goal of getting very fast booting with x48 CD-ROM drive.


1. Booting very fast, usually within 10 secs from x48 CD-ROM drive.
2. Launching apps is also fast. Almost same as from HDD.
3. Customizable. You can make it "MACH" with any distribution, including your original one.
4. (Hopefully) Better PnP than KNOPPIX."

9bfd7a059d1395ffeabcec73535fa519 *MB_20070911.ISO


"BOSS Live is Linux CD based on Debian GNU/Linux

BOSS Version 2.0 Successfully Released

Finally our Indian Version of GNU/Linux is released on 17th September 2007 in the Connect 2007 program.

2.0 Features:

* Gnome - 2.18
* Orca Screen Reader
* Espeak
* Gdesktlets
* Beryl 2.0 - an excellent 3D Desktop
* 2.6.21 kernel
* Onscreen keyboard support
* Openoffice 2.2 with 2 Indian language support at present ie Hindi and Tamil with plans to move to other languages as well.
* A pleasing Desktop background and icons.
* Enhanced BOSS-Presentation tool
* Complete Tamil and Hindi desktop
* Update manager for updatng your BOSS to the latest packages and applications [...]

BOSS GNU/Linux 2.0 is the new desktop with the latest 3D effects. Attractive look and features of Gnome 2.18 and excellent games like Suduko etc. It is a fast and easy install, a tight selection of excellent packages installed by default, every other package you can imagine available from the network, and professional technical support from Boss Team.

BOSS GNU/Linux is one among the four distros which are LSB 3.1 certified.

About BOSS GNU/Linux 2.0
To see it all, you'll need to try the CD, but the highlights include:

1. Gnome
2. Kernel
3. Firefox Web Browser
4. Pidgin Internet Messenger
5. Thunderbird Mail Client
6. 3D- Desktop
7. BharateeyaOO
8. Totem Player
9. gThumb Image viewer
10. XSane Image scanning program
11. Gnome Baker – CD/DVD Writer
12. SCIM – Smart Common Input Method
13. Ekiga Soft Phone
14. eSpeak
15. Orca
16. Planner
17. gDesklets
18. Evince - Document Viewer
19. LiveCD
20. Utility CD
21. Now we can Install BOSS from windows

“Under the hood”

* gcc 4:4.1.2-2

* g++ 4:4.1.2-2

* glibc 2.3.6

* linux 2.6.21-1-486

As always, BOSS includes the very best of the 100% Free / Libre application software world, and each new release incorporates countless new features and bugfixes from the development Team. [...]

users Passwords
----- ---------
boss boss
root root

5d7f15e6aeb8d8c0a28a9c3d9d955cba *liveboss2.0.iso

Mythbuntu 7.10 070830

"Mythbuntu is an Ubuntu derivative focused upon setting up a standalone MythTV system similar to Knoppmyth or Mythdora. At the time, it is not a Canonical sanctioned project because of the licensing on several of the MythTV dependencies. Mainly, it can be seen as a preconfigured Ubuntu install for mythtv usage. All unnecessary applications such as OpenOffice, Evolution, and a full Gnome desktop are not installed for a Mythbuntu installation. At any time, a user may choose to install ubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop, or xubuntu-desktop and add a full desktop onto their installation.

The Mythbuntu team works closely with all of the relevant package maintainers in Ubuntu to make sure that our changes, customizations, and enhancements are included within Ubuntu for other users, teams, and projects to take advantage of. Also, all scripts used for our build process are GPL licensed and available to anyone"

3a51989eab9ce4a8964471ccc4bbc25e mythbuntu-7.10~070830-i386.iso
dd53332be414ceb8b4655cb07228a515 mythbuntu-7.10~070830-amd64.iso

Flamerobin/Firebird Mandriva Livecd Bootable USB Key fbmdv

Inside is Mandriva 2007.1, Firebird 2.0.1 Classic, Flamerobin, Ibwebadmin,

Default language is French, but you can change it.

The good news is that it made with MCNLive so you can do your own iso from it
and even make your own bootable usb key, simply using a wizzard !

Thanks MCNLive.

To download it :

Next step will be to add Lazarus FreePascal on it with UIB components

Philippe Makowski
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase

pdaXrom 1.1.0r198 Kathrin akita current

"pdaXrom is a cross-platform Linux distribution with own build system. Its targets are PDA and embedded systems. pdaXrom uses X11 for GUI applications, hence greater versatility, improved portability and better performance.

This distribution integrates its native and cross development kit so that it becomes virtually possible to recompile any graphical program to extend your system possibilities to your own needs.

pdaXrom works on set of Sharp Zaurus models, phyCORE-XScale/PXA270CE Single Board Computer and x86 desktops, but is currently being ported to other architectures.

We believe we're living in a modern open World where only sharing the cutting-edge technologies we develop may make our lives better. This is the reason why we chose the Open Source model, the GNU General Public License in particular."

Download Link

Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn Desktop i386 FlameRobin

Folowing a guide on creating an firebird/flamerobin livecd for feisty fawn (7.04)

You select a mirror and download the final live cd from this page

IsaMorph 0.9

"IsaMorph contains a fully working Isabelle environment supporting proving and document generation, this includes:

Isabelle (version 2005)
The interactive theorem prover Isabelle 2005 with at least the following logics compiled in: HOL, HOL-Complex, ZF, FOL, and Pure. Thus, after booting IsaMorph you can immediately prove theorems in any of these logics. The CD includes a offline version of Isabelle's tutorials and theory documentation.
HOL-TestGen (version 1.1.1)

A test case generator for specification based unit testing. It is built on top of the specfication and theorem proving environment Isabelle/HOL.
Proof General (version 3.6pre)

A powerful User Interface for Isabelle.
SML of New Jersey (version 110.56)

The Standard ML Environment used for compiling and executing Isabelle.
GNU Emacs (version 22.0.50)

The GNU Emacs editor which builds together with Proof General the main user interface of Isabelle.
teTeX (version 2.0.2)

A complete LaTeX environment used for the generation of proof documents.

Other Applications

In addition, the CD also contains a variety of applications for a common use. It includes a user-friendly desktop (Gnome) an Internet browser (Mozilla), and so on. Just take a look at the menu to find out many more. I tried to minimize the number of non Isabelle specific software to minimize the download size. [...]

IsaMorph is a GNU/Linux Live CD (based on Morphix) featuring the interactive theorem prover Isabelle. This means, you can boot from the CD and get a fully operational "theorem proving" environment without installing GNU/Linux or Isabelle. Just insert the CD in your PC and have five minutes later your first theorem proven.

All programs distributed within IsaMorph are free software. This means that the operating system and the applications contained in this CD can be freely copied, modified and distributed. So please feel free to give copies to your friends or colleagues."

ca. 498 MByte, MD5: e84b47a3e736fb4bf70776b789a40623


cd or usb live with:
kernel -
apache 2.2.4 mysql 5.0.37 and php 5.2.3 (you can test your projects offline) -
proftpd 1.3.0a -
samba 3.0.25b -
ntfs-3g driver in order to write on ntfs partitions -
gparted 0.3.3 partition editor application -
partimage 0.6.5 in order to save your partitions -
the good old kde 3.5.7 before the revolution 4.x -
and a lot more...

home page:

MiniMyth 0.20.2-29

"MiniMyth is a small Linux distribution that turns a diskless computer into a MythTV frontend. [...]

As of 2007-08-25, the latest version of MiniMyth contains:

* MythTV 0.20.2 with fixes through SVN 14301, including the following plugins:
o MythBrowser
o MythDVD
o MythGallery
o MythGame (not integrated with MiniMyth configuration)
+ Atari 2600 emulation using Stella 2.4
+ Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance emulation using VisualBoyAdvance 1.7.2 and Mednafen 0.8.1
+ Intellivision emulation using jzIntv 1.0-beta3
+ Nintendo Entertainment System emulation using FCE Ultra 0.98.13-pre and Mednafen 0.8.1
+ Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulation using ZSNES 1.51
o MythMusic
o MythNews
o MythPhone
o MythVideo
o MythWeather
* MythStream 0.17_2c (although it is labeled 0.17_2)
* MPlayer 1.0rc1try3 and the openChrome patch
* xine-ui 0.99.5 and xine-lib 1.1.7
* Xorg 7.2
* openChrome Xorg graphics driver SVN 382
* NVIDIA Xorg graphics driver 1.0-9746
* ALSA driver 1.0.14
* LIRC CVS 20070801
* LCDproc 0.5.2
* Linux"

GeeXboX Sherkhan 20061231

"GeeXboX have taken the decision to integrate Freevo2 into their future release GeeXboX 2.x - a htpc live platform. As both are still under development there is no official release yet however there is a technological preview available if you want to see where it's going. The following is taken from the post on announcing the collaboration;

The decision has been taken to make use of Freevo 2.0 (still work in progress, but so is GeeXboX 2.x) and Kaa, its multimedia framework as our new UI reference. As a consequence, many new packages had to be added (such as Python) to our distribution. In a near future, GeeXboX and Freevo projects will be more tighten than ever, and we should be the official Freevo LiveCD, still keeping in mind our embedded and easy-to-setup approach. Unfortunately, ISO grew up radically (it is now 20 MB) and so does RAM usage (at least 128MB is now mandatory). But, as a development version, don't take it too seriously, it'll still change 'till the final release. If you want to have a try at this technological preview, just grab the GeeXboX 2.x 2006-12-31 ISO and burn it to a CD or try it through VMware or so. Don't look for a generator or try to install it on disk, it is not yet meant for. Don't expect it either to be fully functional, it's still full of bugs and isn't meant to replace the official 1.x series anytime soon. Right now, it can be controlled through keyboard only (arrow keys and Enter/Escape) but should already be able to let you watch some videos, play audio files or view various pictures."

FreevoLive 0.14

"FreevoLive is a live cd, running Mandriva Linux, with Freevo preinstalled. It is meant to show people why Freevo is the way to go for your Home Theatre PC!

FreevoLive was build with the mklivecd scripts from MCNLive, which is a live cd created by members of the Dutch MandrivaClub. [...]

Imagine a world where the tv guide is liquid, where the time slots are organised to suit your schedule. Imagine a place you can store all of your music, movies and photos, for you and your family to enjoy. Imagine having access to all your games, upto the minute weather and news reports, Imagine doing all of this for free. What a wonderful world that would be...
Stop imagining, GET FREEVO[Live]!"

b3d1bf18b6f889b051d11fd91c0ca5b6 FreevoLive-0.14.iso

DetaolB v0.6

DetaolB is a small size x86/uclibc distro, aimed mostly for

With this iso's size around 40Mb, you've a small yet functional
desktop distro which can help developping C software or compiling the
linux kernel. It can then self emulate with included qemu-0.9.0 ;-)

DetaolB v0.6 has been released 26,August 2007 on

- re-shuffled the barebone system
- this is a multi-user iso now with 2 logins: root and neo
- updated git and vim
- added some asm tools and binary editor
- vesafb-tng is still in use (uvesafb is having problems on real hardware
- added liveusb switch to kernel parameters
- added qemu-0.9.0 with kqemu (all you need to do: insmod `find /lib
-name *.ko` )

This distro works in qemu, vmplayer, virtualpc 2007 and some real
hardware... You can copy on a FAT32 formatted usb key the "modules"
subdirectory from the iso, boot from the iso and add "liveusb" to the
graphical resolution you want to boot in. This allows to
add/remove/upgrade the modules on the usb key (no need to burn more

Detailed list of modules:

- barebone-0.6
- busybox-1.6.1
- bzip2-1.0.4
- coreutils-6.9 (lite)
- cpio-2.8
- diffutils-2.8.1
- e2fsprogs-1.40
- findutils-4.2.31
- gzip-1.3.12
- htop-0.6.6
- less-382
- ncurses-5.6
- tar-1.18
- uclibc-0.9.29
- zlib-1.2.3
- bvi-1.3.2
- vim-7.1.85
- gawk-3.1.5
- perl-5.8.8
- tcl-8.4.15
- kqemu-1.3.0pre11
- qemu-0.9.0
- SDL-1.2.8
- git-
- ald-0.1.7
- bash-3.2
- binutils-2.16.1
- bison-2.1
- flex-2.5.33
- gcc-3.4.6
- headers-2.6.22
- m4-1.4
- make-3.81
- nasm-0.98.39
- patch-2.5.4
- some x11 fonts
- fvwm-2.4.20
- glib-1.2.10
- gtk+-1.2.10
- gvim-7.1
- libjpeg.62
- mrxvt-0.5.2
- tk-8.4.15
- xorg-7.2 (lite)


Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Patches for Persistence

"Please find below the two links to iso and MD5 file of the feisty fawn patches for persistence.

The two files are accessible from the ftp links below.
If a password is asked, use an empty password. (simply press 'enter')

ftp://ubuntupatch@ ( 850MB )

dad14f111459025c773849829cef2e71 custom-ubuntu-desktop-i386.iso MD5 file

Below are updated and slightly smaller files. Please test them too.

ftp://ubuntupatch@ ( 841MB )

7a2ff30e5a7cee26068f321f154c5712 CustomFeisty-desktop-i386-II.iso MD5 file

Those are the XUBUNTU versions of the patch, submitted by Vinze.

ftp://ubuntupatch@ ( 768MB )

f1f594beffd132847720b1d208108398 ./xubuntusb.tar.bz2 MD5 file

A great thanks to mjpca and vinze for their help !!! "

Ark Linux Live 2007.1

"Ark Linux is a Linux distribution for everyone - designed to be easy to install and learn for users without prior Linux (or computer) experience, while powerful enough for longtime Linux users. [...]

The Ark Linux team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Ark Linux 2007.1, the latest version of its multi-purpose desktop operating system. Ark Linux can be used for office/school work, desktop publishing, graphics, multimedia entertainment/editing, gaming, software development, and more. [...]

There have been many more changes since the 2006.1 release - all components have been updated to current versions. For example, Ark Linux 2007.1 includes the KDE 3.5.7 desktop, the 2.2.1 office suite and the Amarok music player 1.4.7. It also includes the latest underlying technologies such as Linux kernel, glibc 2.6.1, and has been built completely with gcc 4.2.1, resulting in a faster system and quicker response times.

A new and better integrated version of the wine Windows emulator makes it possible to run more Windows applications on Linux than before.

In addition to this, hardware detection has been improved, many new drivers are included, support for encrypted wireless networks has been improved and many additional applications and games have been added to the software repository."

DetaolB v0.5

DetaolB aimed to be a "much-less-than-a-floppy" x86 linux live distro. Now, it's evolving more into "a-la-slax" type of distro.

In less than 40Mb, you've a small yet functional desktop distro which can help developping software or compiling the linux kernel.

DetaolB v0.5 has been released 17th,August 2007 on

- removed lzma patch (I've problems making a working c++ uclibc compiler)
- upgraded to linux-2.6.22 + SLUB, tickless, aufs 20070813 and squashfs 20070805
- added perl, tcltk modules
- upgraded to busybox-1.6.1, xorg/kdrive r7.2
- "improved" boot menu: still log in as root, then "xinit"
- vesafb-tng allows to change the resolution of the framebuffer without rebooting :)
- patches are included in the iso

This distro works in qemu, vmplayer, virtualpc 2007 and some real hardware... It also boot in colinux with a 2.6.17 special kernel. A USB port is on the way...

Detailed list of modules:

- busybox-1.6.1
- bzip2-1.0.4
- coreutils-6.9 (lite)
- cpio-2.8
- diffutils-2.8.1
- e2fsprogs-1.40
- findutils-4.2.31
- gzip-1.3.12
- htop-0.6.6
- less-382
- ncurses-5.6
- tar-1.18
- uclibc-0.9.29
- zlib-1.2.3

- vim-7.1

- gawk-3.1.5
- perl-5.8.8
- tcl-8.4.15

- git-

- bash-3.2
- binutils-2.16.1
- bison-2.1
- flex-2.5.33
- gcc-3.4.6
- headers-2.6.21 (to be changed soon)
- m4-1.4
- make-3.81
- patch-2.5.4

- some x11 fonts
- fvwm-2.4.20
- glib-1.2.10
- gtk+-1.2.10
- gvim-7.1
- libjpeg.62
- mrxvt-0.5.2
- tk-8.4.15
- xorg-7.2 (lite)


RUNT 5.0

"RUNT Linux: The ResNet USB Network Tester

Once again, it's been a while, but I've put together one more release of RUNT. RUNT 5.0 is built from Slackware 11.0 and has updated versions of nearly every package. Of greatest significance is the much newer kernel, which now supports most SATA controllers, as well as prism54 wireless devices. iproute2 and stunnel have been added for improved functionality. With all of these updates comes a substantial increase in size. I was unable to keep RUNT under 128 MB this time and maintain the level of usability in past releases. This version takes up about 200 MB when unpacked, so at least a 256 MB flash drive formatted with 4k clusters is required.

There is a good chance this is the final release of RUNT because of a number of reasons. First off, as I mentioned in my last update, the usefulness and uniqueness of RUNT is declining. Live CD's are abundant, and USB flash drives are big enough now to just partition and install your favorite distro. However, I've always liked the convenience of RUNT, and the simplicity of installation. Because of the umsdos filesystem, RUNT usually doesn't require reformatting, and it only takes up as much space as it needs, unlike ramdisk and loopback based filesystems. Unfortunately, the umsdos filesystem has been ignored for years now, and has been dropped in the 2.6 kernel. RUNT in its current form depends on the 2.4 kernel, and this release contains a very mature version of that kernel. Perhaps it is the last one Slackware will include. There may be a few options for RUNT's future, but we'll just have to see."

md5sum: 93edcc320ff20e17a1f4eb073190adc3
md5sum: 5f376201eb28b3b9425a3396378ffe50 runtboot50.img

axdistcc v0.1

"axdistcc is a small liveCD with the distcc, it maks possible an easy creation of a compilation farm. It uses as base system the Slackware Linux 11.0 and a modified linux-live scripts."

Python CD 2004-07-02

"This is a bootable CD based on [WWW] Debian GNU/Linux and [WWW] KNOPPIX.

The special thing about it is that it has lots of Python stuff! [...]

Installable Python packages

In the top level directory of the CD is a directory python/, containing several packages of Python:

* Python for Linux - most Linux distributions include Python, so we don't provide it for them
* Python for Mac OS X
* Python for Windows, win32all extension
* Python for DOS - no maintainer yet, so we only provide an URL
* Python source code, if you want to compile it yourself

Ready-to-Use Python

On the bootable Linux system, Python is already installed and ready to run:

* Python 2.3.4 (latest and greatest, use this!)
* Python 2.2.3
* Python 2.1.3 [...]

Python CD Packages

Here is an overview of popular packages installed on the PythonCd.

PythonCdRawPackageList has a complete raw list of installed debian packages.
IDEs (Integrated Development Environments)

* eric3 - a very nice and powerful GUI IDE
* IDLE - a simpler, but also popular GUI IDE
* DrPython - another GUI IDE
* IPython - an extended interactive Python command interpreter

GUI Builders

* BoaConstructor
* PythonCard
* ? WxGlade

GUI Toolkit bindings

* PyGtk
* PyQt
* WxPython

Graphics libs

* PyGame
* PyOpenGL

Web/HTML/XML stuff

* MoinMoin wiki - you are using it right now
* TwistedMatrix AKA Twisted - a Python internet framework, very powerful
* Quixote
* PyXML, libxml2 and other XML packages


* python-numeric and python-numarray - math extensions
* python-pyx - module for generating PostScript graphics, plotting


* [WWW] Gadfly
* python-mysqldb - interface for MySQL
* python-pgsql - DB-API 2.0 interface to PostgreSQL v7.x
* python-pygresql - PostgreSQL module


* PyChecker - checks your source code for common errors"

TinyMe test 5

TinyMe test 5 has been released! If you liked test 4.1, you're going to love test 5. :) I am really excited about this release. A lot of late night hours and hard work have gone into test 5, as I've been pushing to get this test out the door before I leave for school in 10 days. The changes for test 5 are almost too numerous to mention. This will hopefully be our last test release before TinyMe Final. Although a few bugs remain, TinyMe has many notable inprovements, including:

  • Fixed most open bugs. Only remaining major open bug (in my opinion) is that TinyMe still doesn't auto mount removable media.
  • I switched to GDM. This allows us greater flexibility with our login manager. Also, it enables Shutdown and Reboot options on logout.
  • AbiWord was installed, with all the plugins your heart desires. Create and edit ODT, DOC, WPD, and many other formats.
  • Idesk now handles the desktop instead of PCManFM.
  • Enabeled LXPanel transparency.
  • Added Grafburn for burning CDs and DVDs. Thanks to Nathan Fisher of Grafpup for Grafburn.
  • Created Welcome page. Fire up Opera to see it. (Did I mention Opera handles web browsing, mail, Bittorrent, and IRC chat?)
  • Conky is a SuperKaramba-like desktop monitoring applet which has been added. GKrellm was fired. :)
  • Do you like music? Audacious was added. Audacious is a lot like WinAmp and you can use WinAmp themes on it.
  • MEdit proved to be somewhat buggy. Although I rather liked it, I opted to use SciTE instead. Enjoy.
  • Changed Mrxvt to the default terminal. Mrxvt is a tabbed terminal, plus it has some pretty cool transparency.
  • Galculator is a quite small calculator added to test 5.
  • Xarchiver has been added for its wonderous abilities to open just about any compressed archive, including RPMs and ISOs.
  • MtPaint was added. MtPaint is a very basic picture editor. You can also use MtPaint to take a screenshot.
  • Super Grub Disk Gparted System Rescue 001

    "Super Grub Disk is a bootable floppy or CDROM that is oriented towards system rescue, specifically for repairing the booting process. Super Grub Disk is simply a Grub Disk with a lot of useful menus. It can activate partitions, boot partitions, boot MBRs, boot your former OS (Linux or another one) by loading menu.lst from your hard disk, automatically restore Grub on your MBR, swap hard disks in the BIOS, and boot from any available disk device. It has multi-language support, and allows you to change the keyboard layout of your shell."

    This version includes Gparted.

    JackLab Audio Distribution 1.0 beta 2

    "A remastered openSUSE for musicians, producers and media creators. [...]

    JAD 1.0 Features

    * Based on openSUSE 10.2
    * Realtime Kernel 2.6.19
    * Enlightenment 17 Desktop
    * Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK)
    * 70 Audio Applications
    * WineAsio for full VST support
    * KDE Basic Applications
    * Multimedia Codec Support
    * Firefox 2.0 [...]

    The JackLab Audio Distribution (JAD) is a complete Linux operating system which comes with a comprehensive collection of free, open source multimedia software for audio visual content creation. JackLab was created primarily for music production and so it comes with a real-time kernel optimised for low-latency recording, the latest and greatest open source music software such as Ardour and Rosegarden and an extensive set of plug-ins and effects. JACK is central program in the toolbox of the Linux musician and unlike most normal Linux distributions JACK and its graphical interface qjackctl are included and work without any troublesome configuration. Multimedia work often demands a lot of a computers resources and so JAD gives you the option of using the lightweight yet beautiful looking Enlightenment 17 desktop environment which uses much less RAM than KDE does. JAD 1.0 is based upon OpenSUSE 10.2 and hence packages (programs) for OS 10.2 should work under JAD 1.0 and vice versa."

    TorK LiveCD Testing Only

    "The TorK project offers a CD that allows you to use TorK and Tor on any computer.

    The official homepage for the CD is

    This is a so-called LiveCD. You put it in the CD-Rom drive, turn on your computer and within a few minutes you will be using a Linux system with TorK and Tor running on it. The CD works without installing anything on the computer you use it on. [...]

    The CD is still experimental and not feature complete. It may not even be fully secure yet. It was created using the document maintained on the LiveCD page. Please note that the CD is still under development, so the downloadable CD may lag behind the document described at LiveCD."

    Checksum: 8bd113d492dc5f9041a23e3a9ccb22ec TorLiveCD-TestingOnly-20070415.iso

    Puppy Linux 2.17 Seamonkey

    "Another wonderful new Puppy! The 'standard' release is puppy-2.17-seamonkey-fulldrivers.iso live-CD and is 82.6MB. There is one thing that stands out from reading the release notes, and that is the major advances with hardware support -- which astounds even me, considering that version 2.16 was released barely 2 months ago."

    MD5: 70af95820e7247c91bbca647461403ce puppy-2.17-seamonkey-fulldrivers.iso

    ccLiveContent 07192007

    "LiveContent is an umbrella idea which aims to connect and expand Creative Commons and open source communities. LiveContent works to identify creators and content providers working to share their creations more easily with others. LiveContent works to support developers and others who build better technology to distribute these works. LiveContent is up-to-the-minute creativity, "alive" by being licensed Creative Commons, which allows others to better interact with the content. [...]

    We’ve been working hard on developing LiveContent, an umbrella concept that works to expand access to dynamic CC-licensed content and free open source software. The first incarnation of LiveContent is taking shape in the form of a LiveCD, and you can help! We have an ISO image of the most current revision available here. Download ccLiveContent-LATEST, burn it to a CD, and give LiveContent a spin. Lend us your eyes and share your thoughts and suggestions on the LiveContent wiki. [...]

    Please help us test LiveContent

    1. click on the most current iso image (titled "ccLiveContent-LATEST.iso") and download to your computer

    2. burn the iso onto a CD

    3. reboot your computer

    4. while computer is rebooting, hold down "boot from disk" key ("C" on Macs, "F12" PCs) - note: the LiveCD can only boot from Intel-architecture machines

    5. at boot menu, choose "run from CD"

    LiveContent will boot and run directly from the CD. Please feel free to test out the interface, applications and cc-licensed content. We truly appreciate your time and effort in logging comments, concerns and suggestions on the CC Wiki." (Downloads)

    CentOS 5.0 i386 LiveCD

    "The CentOS Development team is pleased to announce the availability of
    the CentOS 5 i386 Live CD.

    This CD is based on our CentOS-5.0 i386 distribution.

    It can be used as a Workstation, with the following software: 2.0.4

    It can also be used as a rescue CD with the following tools:

    1. Full set of LVM and RAID command line tools
    2. QTParted
    3. Nmap and NMapFE
    4. Graphical Traceroute
    5. samba-3.0.23c with cifs kernel support to connect to Windows file shares
    6. System Log Viewer
    7. GUI Hardware Device Manager


    The CentOS 5 i386 Live CD is based on the ADIOS Live CD Project:


    This CD has a non writable /usr directory, which means it is not able to
    have software installed on it after boot up. The CentOS team is working
    hard to create a Live CD for CentOS 5 that is based on the Fedora Live
    CD Project (that is writable in all directories and even able to be used
    for installs) ... unfortunately we were not able to get this working
    with CentOS 5 for this release. We hope to get that Live CD working by
    the release of CentOS 5.1."

    Filename: CentOS-5.0-i386-LiveCD.iso
    Size: 711890944
    MD5Sum: 67894bd2530c0063baa01ac2e93435b0
    SHA1Sum: befbc2bbb7409b84e33a3c19980e48d91f08901b

    PapugLinux 07.1 LiveCD

    The new PapugLinux release has been delivered on the 2007-07-16. This version includes major software updates as well as better hardware support. This version also includes Rox filer and its bundle of useful tools to improve user experience. Please visit website for more information and download.

    We hope this release will be as welcome as the previous ones and that PapugLinux user community will continue to grow.

    "PapugLinux is a minimal GNU/Linux live CD based on the Gentoo Linux distribution for x86 computer architecture.

    The live CD allow you to run the operating system without installing anything on your hard drive.

    The goal of PapugLinux is to provide a minimal but functional free operating system and to be runable on most computers, from 64MB old systems to the latest powerful configurations.


    * 2.6 kernel
    * ALSA sound driver
    * X.Org X-Window server


    * Fluxbox window manager
    * Mozilla Firefox web browser
    * AbiWord word processor
    * Bluefish editor
    * Graveman CDR/DVDR tool
    * FR, PL, and US keyboard support


    * Apache web server
    * Cups print server
    * ProFTP ftp server
    * Ssh server"

    GoMF 0.8

    "Gary's openMosix Floppy (GoMF) is a single floppy openMosix Linux mini-distro designed to quickly add CPU/Memory resources to an openMosix cluster. The floppy includes the auto discovery daemon and some user tools like mosctl, mosrun, mosmon, mps, setpe."

    Microdrive Live Linux 0.2

    "Welcome to Microdrive Live Linux

    A tiny little live cd system. [...]

    * This is basically a set of scripts which you can use to make your own live linux cd.
    * It depends on busybox, isolinux and linux of course.
    * I am planning to build a small bunch of diskless, monitorless, keyboardless nodes to do my rendering work [3D]. For them to run, I have various options but live cd seem to be most trouble free.
    * But then I couldn't find a live cd, that more or less faithfully follows a ordinary installed linux system. They seem to use squashfs or unionfs or some other form of pseudo writable file systems. I couldn't even get the slax to show me a screen. I am sure it is to do with my laptop graphics card.
    * But it sort of inspired me to make my own live cd, so I can match the components to the same library versions of my installed systems.
    * To this end instead of making a single cd, I broke the work needed in to a set of scripts so that the whole thing is manageable and reusable.
    * Hopefully it will be useful to someone else out there.
    * Have a nice day.
    * Released under GPL Do you need to ask! ."

    psklive 2007_2

    "PSKlive is a live distro specifically made for the PSKmail project. It is meant to help hams try out the PSKmail system.

    PSKmail is a narrow band mail delivery system for use by amateur radio hams via short wave (HF) communication. There is a wiki available where more info on the project is available, plese see the links section for that.

    PSKlive is a remastered version of Mandriva 2007 Free edition. Also, the distro directly inherits the nice work from the MCNlive project (please see the links section)." (US Mirror)

    MD5: 52ad15ca3089369f4692c2990b733f0e 412 MB

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