AV Linux 4.1

"AV Linux is a LiveDVD ISO image that is a self-contained, full-featured computer Operating System. It was created using the upcoming Debian GNU/Linux 'Squeeze' 6.0, LXDE and Remastersys. [...]

AV Linux transforms the user's computer into a full-blown Audio/Video Workstation ready to use! The User Interface features the very lightweight and efficient LXDE 0.5.0 Desktop Environment. It's well-rounded program selection covers most every common everyday computer tasks featuring a full complement of the best F/OSS Multimedia applications and Commercial software demos available allowing users to enjoy Multitrack Audio Recording and Mixing, Video Capturing, Editing and Converting, DVD Authoring and Creation, iPod Tools and much more. AV Linux also contains Hard Drive utilities making it an excellent troubleshooting and rescue solution."

d7113cba52eac7951a9883ffe6028fa9 avlinux4.1-lxde-i386-en.iso