Fluppy 006

"This is Puppeee with Eee-specific functionality removed and a full size kernel and a full Xorg 7.6.

The current kernel version is

This has the Xorg from Quirky. All the video drivers and Mesa are installed.

Fluppy Features:

-Suspend and Hibernate support (can be problematic on some hardware - so no promises at this point)
-Acpi support including automatic power management when you plug or unplug, suspend when you shut the lid or press the sleep button, poweroff when you press the power button. (Also may or may not work depending on hardware)
-Bluetooth Applet
-Google Chrome Browser
-Three Window managers: IceWM, OpenBox, Flwm
-Three Desktops: ROX, PCManFM, and LxLauncher
-Based on 4.3.1 with many updates and bug fixes
-Many applications added with netbook usage in mind
-Applications are mostly small screen friendly"

ea958a592b6fa504ca21c7661c9a9419 Fluppy-006.iso
3c06718f19b8b35c57bd6b5bc9f42b7a fluppy-006.zip