Lighthouse Pup Base 5.00 F

"Lighthouse is a quick and easy to set up, full-featured operating system. Derived from PuppyLinux, it offers several media players, Wine and winetricks, GIMP image editing, multi-user support, a choice of window managers and Gslapt package manager. Optional KDE ('K' Desktop Environment) or multiple guest operating systems with VirtualBox. Modular design supports up to 40 concurrent SFS software combo-packs including Lighthouse Mariner, Voyager, KDE, OpenOffice, Opera, GoogleEarth, Kompozer and Xfce. [...]

* JWM, IceWM, LXDE and Openbox window managers. GIMP 2.6 image editor
* SeaMonkey Internet Suite, Flash plugin, Transmission bit torrent
* Audacious audio player, Audacity sound editor, Mplayer, RealPlayer, Wine, winetricks
* Osmo Personal Organizer, Pburn, Conky system monitor, Edit-SFS squash file editor
* Gslapt Slackware package manager with .txz package support
* Basic multi-user support with Add user, Password and Auto login wizards
* Phelp command line getting started tips, Pupver display system software versions
* Up to 40 SFS add-on application packs supported. SFS-Combiner by MU is included.
* When using SFS add-ons, they are displayed during boot up and in updated BootManager.
* Kernel and Xorg-server 1.7.7
* Bootable CD-Rom--Boot Menu includes Memtest86+


This free software comes with absolutely no warranty. For GPL, LGPL, other licenses and documentation see /usr/share/doc, and"
2a2e370779f5d1ef802c79438d3bd34b LighthousePup-5.00-F.iso