Linux MangOeS Build Release March 6, 2011

Linux MangOeS is, a lifestyle operating system based on Enlightenment (e17) and openSuse 11.3. It’s focus is to provide needed access to richer internet content and computing needs most notably in rural and provincial areas of the Philippines.
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Build Release Notes: March 6, 2011

* removed the "Login" logo from lxdm
* removed Session selector from lxdm
* Build is now Dual-Licensed: GPLv3 and MPLv1.1
* LibreOffice is back!
* updated/removed repositories
* please select "Standard Desktop" for testing. I will fix MangOeS desktop
config files soon.
* with 36 independent developer downloads (without clonening and downloads from
myself as part of the count), i would like to thank everyone who is and has
supported this project. I do appreciate everyone who is involved and hopefully
continue to move the project forward.

Older Stuff:

* displays license file properly when Yast Live Installer is started
* Yast Live Installer (and other software that require authentication) no longer
asks for password when logged in as "install" user
* mono including moonlight and moonshine plugin removed
* Fillmore Multi-Track Audio Editor added!
* Lombard Video Editor added!
* new artwork featuring Bantayan Island! (I've released the photo under GPLv3)
* networkmanager is back (thank goodness! 3g/4g network capable again!)
* added support for newer Intel and Via Chrome video drivers
* added support for various laptop hardware
* added support for Samsung printers
* replaced Banshee with XNoise Media Player, GTKpod, and Barry: Apple and
Blackberry device sync possible!
*Midori 0.30 Web Browser

Persistent Information:

* preload .iso is available for testing *NOTE: THIS BUILD WILL WIPE OUT YOUR
ENTIRE HARD DRIVE! Use this if you do not want to run a live environment to
install Linux MangOeS. This is actually faster to install than the Live CD.
* Unetbootin and Linux Live Creator are confirmed NOT to work with .ISO and Hard
Drive Image must Use Studio Imagewriter here:
* openSuse debranding
* ongoing GPL and MPL software compliance audit
* Rumored and unconfirmed: installed on a cellphone and was able to boot a
computer from it
* login/logout sound added (needs testing)