Linux MangOeS - Happy New Year!

Linux MangOeS is, a lifestyle operating system based on Enlightenment (e17) and openSuse 11.3, It’s focus is to provide needed access to richer internet content and computing needs most notably in rural and provincial areas of the Philippines.

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Developer's Live CD are available here:

Release Notes: January 14, 2010


- GPL and FOSS audit
- fix fonts repo
- updated/removed repositories - opensuse has a maximum cap of 30 repos
- New build is available! Featuring new artwork from Kawasan Falls (I've released the photo under gplv3)
- GPL3 License now appears on desktop upon user creation
- will fix MangOeS desktop config files
- removed USB image build as it's not displaying/selecting locale properly. (i think opensuse change their scripts)

* NEW - preload .iso is available for testing *NOTE: THIS BUILD WILL WIPE OUT YOUR ENTIRE HARD DRIVE
Use this if you do not want to run a live environment to install Linux MangOeS. This is actually faster to install than the Live CD.

* Unetbootin and Linux Live USB Creator are confirmed NOT to work with .ISO and USB/Hard Drive Image - must use Suse Studio Imagewriter

- Rumored and unconfirmed: installed on a cellphone and was able to boot a computer from it
- Replaced Banshee with XNoise (testing - no ipod,android sync support)
- login/logout sound added (needs testing)
- new midori 0.29 will be tested