"nTPV LiveCD is based on Knoppix and was made by Carlos Manzanedo. It makes easy to test nTPV without any kind of installation or modification on your hard drive.

All you have to do is booting up your computer from nTPV LiveCD and let nTPV load to evaluate its main features.

Use and requirements.
Computer requirements

* Pentium II-500 processor or better
* 256 MB RAM (128 if you have a linux SWAP partition)
* 1024x768 capable graphic system
* CDROM drive
* A mouse

Using nTPV LiveCD

All you need to test nTPV LiveCD is a computer that can boot from the CDROM/DVD drive. Almost any computer nowadays has this feature out of the box. Should your computer have a different setting, please read your computer documentation on how to access the BIOS setup (usually pressing the F1, F2 or DEL keys when booting) and on how to change the booting sequence so that the CDROM drive tries to boot before your hard drive does.

Once the CDROM starts booting, please be patient to let the system do all the startup instructions for nTPV load and run. Booting from CDROM are far slower than booting from your hard drive. Once nTPV is running you can test its features. If you want to learn more about nTPV usage, you can take a look at the manuals (only available in Spanish for the moment).

To access the administration and backoffice of nTPV you will have to insert the default password "1234". Please remember that a LiveCD runs only in RAM, so any change in configuration or any data entered will be lost when you shutdown the system.
Important notes on nTPV LiveCD

nTPV LiveCD has an obsolete version of nTPV and lacks the modules functionalities, please refer to nTPV VBox for an up to date system prepared for production environments with full functionality.

nTPV LiveCD is configured in Spanish, and has nTPV version 1.0."