"Nuclinux is a single floppy linux-distribution which fits on one 3.5 inch floppy. It's designed primarily to connect to the Internet from a networked machine (as I do at school).

Main features:

* bash 1.4
* links (a full featured internet browser), ssh, irc, ftp, telnet, finger
* ftp-server (muddle ftp), telnet server
* vi (elvis) and joe texteditors
* rna: mail(pop3)/news(nntp)-reader
* new kernel (2.2.18) (.config included)
* usefull script to connect into the (Inter)net, they make it easy to use your floppy in many different machines
* tetris
* Free space at the beginning of the disk for saved mails, passwords etc..., optimized so, that non-used space is like a readwrite minix "partition"."
53a35082654c0e6c8a26a4ac9f87c45c nuclinux-0.9.4.tar.bz2