OpenSuse 11.4 - 32 bit " Israel Remix".

The "Israel Remix Team" Announce the release of - OpenSuse 11.4-32 bit System.

we have add in Advance the OpenSuse repo's:

Packan 11.4 Essentials ,
Gnome:Apps 11.4 ,
Repositorio Principal (Contrib) ,
Nvidia 11.4 ,
Packman 11.4 ,
Mozilla 11.4 ,
Packman 11.4 Games ,
wine 11.4 ,
Libre Office Stable 11.4 ,
multimedia libs 11.4 ,
multimedia apps 11.4 ,
php:applications:openSUSE_11.4 ,
libdvdrepo ,
Packman Extra ,
Packman Multimedia ,
Skype::Lord_LT ,
Java for OpenSUSE 11.4 ,
Virtualbox Backports ,
11.4 Wireless ,
X11:WindowManagers ,
x11 tools ,
openSUSE 11.4 (Stable) ,
editors ,
Security Rep ,
Samba for 11.4 ,
VirtualBox 11.4 ,
X11 XOrg openSUSE11.4 ,
non-ossd ,

you need to have more then 1 GIG of RAM to use the System.
The same thing with working on virtual machine,
you will get pop up that will tell you that you need more RAM.
This is not issue with the System,
The reason is the working effects on the Desktop.
The System support all the Video Cards.
all the support for Multimedia were install in Advanced,
the System is up to date.
the System was Build with the OpenSuse Studio software and tools.

The Systems works with the Default kernel of 2.6.37-1,
tools were added to the system for Video Cards,Network Cards,
some Admin tools,video/Audio players and so on.

if you want to remastered your System you can use the KiWi software.
Yast2 work side by side with YUM & package kit.
Very stable and solid working System.

Download The OpnSuse 11.4 32 bit "Israel Remix":
Download Here

MD5 -655ebc4f93becb30293425863b707129

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All the best to you all.