Puppy Squeeze 009

"Puppy Squeeze is a generic-purpose, community-built Puppy with the core values of openness, collaboration and high quality of packages. It is built using Woof, just like Lucid Puppy, but from the high-quality and ultra-stable Debian packages.

To be more percise, the core is from Debian while the end-user applications are built on Puppy Squeeze itself or taken from Debian in some cases. It has a Puppy with a Debian heart, which means it's pretty stable under-the-hood.

As any other Puppy, it has its own special features and strengths, notably:
- A full browser, Seamonkey
- Some weird speed boost on Seamonkey and OpenOffice
- Efficient and friendly applications
- Laptop friendliness
- 1 (good) application per task
- Cool artwork Wink

All the people that work on it do it for fun (well, I hope so) and each release is a gem made by the Puppy community.

Ummm... I think it's enough for now. Just grab your copy, try it and help us make it even better Smile

Latest version

Puppy Squeeze doesn't use the Lupu kernel, which means drivers compiled for Lupu won't work with it. However, applications from Quickpet should work just fine (get them through the Lucid repo) in most cases.

009 is a well-tested release that has lots of new stuff: a new kernel, many fixes and lots of goodies. By far the best Puppy Squeeze release.

Don't forget, Puppy IRC users get premium access to deltas once they're uploaded. Development rushes forward on IRC, because it allows us to communicate instantly. Wink

New stuff:
- New kernel, the long-term support with SMP and HyperThreading, rfkill, Bluetooth, wireless, laptop modules, hibernation support and CPU frequency scaling, for great stability low power usage.
- A working CUPS with a working PDF printer.
- An improved power management tray icon for laptops and netbooks, with support for the Eee PC Super Hybrid Engine.
- GNOME's Bluetooth wizard (needs testing).
- xchat (compiled on 008) replaces the web IRC client, automatically connects to the Puppy IRC channel.
- Added: gtkam (compiled on 008), pstopwatch (needed by ptimer), gexec (requested by a user).
- Seamonkey now has the SeaTab X extension (requested by DaveS, packaged by dejan555).
- gecko-mediaplayer, a Seamonkey plugin that enables video and audio streaming through mplayer.
- The muted ALSA channels problem is solved.
- Xfce-zen, a modified, lighter version of the Xfce-smooth GTK theme, ideal for small screens.
- The Squeeze logo by afgs.
- PowerTOP, similar to top and shows power usage, a MUST for laptops.
- Has Xorg_High integrated, like the original dpup by gposil; almost all users should install it anyway - this saves space in the save file but increases the ISO size by about 15 MB. Tell me what you think."

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