Puppy Studio 3.1

"Announcing "Puppy Studio": the fastest, most fully-featured, multimedia creation software in the world!

Based on Lucid Puppy 511, Puppy Studio comes with realtime kernel and hyper-lowlatency audio recording.

JACK is set to start in real-time mode; it should work right out of the box on most PCs. Feel free to lower the latency further if you have a fairly new computer.

Usb support for Line6 devices:

Comes with Ardour, Hydrogen, and all the audio production software you've come to expect:

Includes fully-functional trial version of the popular REAPER software from Cockos Inc.:

OpenShot video editor:

Mplayer and VLC!

Tons more software (i.e. Java, Cinelerra, Inkscape) available from Quickpet and Puppy Package Manager (Ubuntu repositories!):

And thanks to PupGeek for the add-on Roxapps: Kdenlive, Avidemux, Scribus, Blender, and XaraLx."

Username: puppy
Password: linux
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