WEAKERTHAN 3.6 BETA (WeakNet Labs)

Version 3.6 BETA

This is still BETA, so if you see something out of the ordinary, or not working, or missing, feel free to email me - WeakNetLabs[at]Gmail[dot]com

ISO [link] 2011-Mar-15 01:22:40 1.3G application/x-iso9660-image

MD5 [link] 2011-Mar-15 00:49:16 0.1K application/octet-stream

Installing the ISO onto your HDD

Simply follow the installer!

new to Fluxbox? Check out the awesome Wiki! http://fluxbox-wiki.org/index.php?title=Fluxbox-wiki
Changes since last release

  • Built from Debian Squeeze, NOT Ubuntu
  • Added so many tools and libraries that the ISO is now a DVD Size: ~ 1.4GB
  • Kernel: 2.6.35-weakerthan-3.6+
  • Drivers updated and patched
  • Added Armitage and out-of-the-box support with PostGRESQL
  • Updated tools
  • On Screen Display (OSD && low CPU) calls for application progress and battery monitor
  • Fixed many BUGs
  • You can install the OS using the Custom Remastersys Installer
  • Debian + Airbase-NG and custom WPA-Phishing attack for EAP Phishing
  • Better proxy suport
  • JAVA Full JRE for running JAVA based *nix applications right form the Live DVD (suggestion from censored.)
  • Enhanced Firefox for Penetration testers, including Pentest Bookmarks
  • Calibre, Acrobat, and more reading software
  • Better Nautilus Integration and File associations
  • Much better scripts for DHCP, and Networking Utilities
  • Aircrack-NG Updater with custom OSD
  • Intel Wireless N devices and Monitor Mode
  • Fully working and patched RTL8187 (better support)
  • Out of the Box NVIDIA Drivers (260.x.x), CUDA libraries, and smarter checking scripts (for those who don't have NVIDIA, with multiple xorg.conf files)
  • Updated and tested Pyrit Scripts for CUDA (Out of the Box CUDA+Pyrit Batch server, right from live DVD!)
  • Added installer cleanup scripts to remove my enhancements for running as a live DVD
  • Wireless Spectrum Analysis Software (Ubiquity AirView and WiSpy) Weblog post showing Ubiquity AirView

Wireless Support
These are the radios I have working and tested fully for WT3.6 (if your's is not here you may need some extra configuration to get them injecting / installed. Most of them should work out of the box, no problem, even if not show in picture below, thanks to the great work my BETA testers did!:

YouTube Video Presentation of WEAKERTHAN 3.6 BETA
WT3.6 FAQ's
What's the login passwd for root?

  • Same as always: weaknet This passwd is used for everything including services, so if you perform a hard disk installation, you may want to change them!

How do I get my BCM433224 Working with WT3.6

  • This driver should be working out of the box, if you are still having issues (missing in iwconfig command) try re-installing the firmware / modules by following this guide here.

Airmon-ng locks up when I use it!

  • The Intel Centrino N series adapters have a problem with VAP's and iw. You can still use monitor mode and inject just fine, you simply have to use "iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor" beforehand. Check the video posted above!

How do I update Metasploit???

  • Directly from the Desktop menu! Right click anywhere on the Desktop menu and navigate to Pentest->Exploiting->Metasploit Framework->Update Framework - and make sure you have an internet connection!

How do change the screen resolution?

  • Follow this guide to changing your desktop resolution, if you are not using intel or NVIDIA graphics cards. You may need to install the specific driver for your machine!