Moblin Image Creator

"Moblin Image Creator is a tool aimed at making life easier for the mobile and embedded developer. The tool is designed to be extremely flexible with platform-specific knowledge isolated to a platform definition. Initial focus is on a new class of devices known as Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), but the design of Moblin Image Creator is not MID-specific and talk is already underway to add new platform definitions to build consumer electronics stacks, such as TV set-top boxes.

Note: Previously, "Moblin Image Creator" was called "Project Builder", so you may see references to the old name in the documentation and source code.

There are three fundamental features that Moblin Image Creator provides:

* creating a platform-specific build-environment, or "project"
* creating a platform-specific target file-system
* providing user selectable "feature sets" (or fsets) to install bundles of packages that provide some high-level functionality

For more details on projects, targets, fsets, and images, click here."