Moblin Image Creator 2

"Moblin Image Creator 2 (MIC2) is a tool for creating and manipulating Moblin images. MIC2 is a series of utilities that create customized images and provides an easy-to-use development environment for the Moblin distribution. MIC2 is NOT based on MIC 1.0 and is a completely new tool primarily based on Fedora LIVE CD tools and other open source projects

Currently MIC2 is command line only. A GUI version is underway and still in the early stages of development.

MIC2 supports the following features:

* MIC2 has three major utilities
o moblin-image-creator for image creation
o moblin-image-convertoer for image transformation
o moblin-chroot for generating chroot environment from image and vice vera
* MIC2 supports major Linux distributions and can be used on at least the following distributions:
o Fedora (Fedora 9 and above)
o Opensuse (> OpenSUSE 10.3)
o Ubuntu (Ubuntu 8.10. MIC2 is not supported on Ubuntu 8.04 due to incompatible yum versions)
* Supports various types of images:
o Live CD
o Live USB
o Loop images
o KVM images
o VMDK (Vmware)
* Uses the kickstart configuration format for image configuration. Using this simple format, you can specify which software repositories to use, and which packages to install and configure the system, using basic built-in and Moblin specific system configuration directives."