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TuxDistro.com is a free Linux Torrent Tracker that also hosts a wide variety of Linux Virtual Machines.


FrozenTech's LiveCDList Additions Forum

Good place to find livedistro releases to be added to http://www.livecdlist.com



"The DistroWatch web site was first published on 31 May 2001. The concept started as a very simple table comprising of 5 major distributions and the chart only compared a few features (price, version, release date) and a few package versions (Kernel, KDE, Gnome, XFree86, Apache). Trying to make it slightly more comprehensive and useful (and failing to find anything similar and up-to-date on the Internet), I have kept adding more distributions, features and packages until the table reached fairly reasonable state in terms of information provided. At that stage, I decided to share the table with the Linux community worldwide and moved it from a spreadsheet into an HTML document."




Free operating system release tracker using torrents for downloading.


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