Remaster Tools

Backtrack Remaster Script

"I’ve automated the customising process of the livecd to a convenient script which can be run on the BT4 Pre final (and future) release. This script sets up a build environment for you and drops you off in a modifiable chroot. You update, upgrade, add, remove packages, and then exit the shell. The script goes on to build a modified iso for you, including the updates and additions you introduced.

The script is very basic, with many elements hard coded (for example, the iso name expected is bt4.iso), but is easily modifiable. In this video demonstration we install the broadcom wireless drivers, to support the Broadcom Corporation BCM4322 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller (rev 01) card in Macbooks. In addition, we update our backtrack tools to the most recent versions."

Remaster Backtrack Video

"Customizing Backtrack

Now you can customize BackTrack, easy and simple"

List of LiveDistro Remastering Software

"The following is a list of software to remaster operating systems:"


"A live-cd editing program, that let's you see how your cd is going to look because you have to edit it by booting it into an xnest window, so that you can see how your live cd is going to look, and it's also helpful if you like programs like synaptic and gnome-app-install over plain apt-get. [...]

It's a live-cd editor for ubuntu, with the exceptional feature of letting you edit the cd by booting it on an xnest window."

License: GNU General Public License v3


"Minibuntu, the tiny Ubuntu remix you can build on!

You want to build your own Ubuntu based livecd, having the complete control over the installed software but you don't know where to start? Minibuntu is here to help you!

Minibuntu is a fully working Ubuntu livecd containing only the minimal set of software to make the system work. Minibuntu ISO image is only 138MB.

After downloading minibuntu you can use Ubuntu Customization Kit, Reconstructor or any other tool to remaster the ISO and add the software/configurations you want, building your own Ubuntu based livecd."


l'article original sur LinuxFR

Les Live CD concernant le domaine de la sécurité des systèmes d'informations et de communication sont nombreux, notamment BackTrack2 qui est l'un des plus populaires parmi eux.

Le site, spécialisé dans le domaine de la sécurité informatique, vous propose une méthode qui permettra à tout un chacun de réaliser son propre Live CD, orienté sécurité ou pas.

SecUbuLIVE sur le site


"EZpup is a one-step usability updater that is meant to be EZ ... very EZ ... but that applies to installing and removing [things in Puppy Linux]."


"Remastersys - a script to create a livecd/dvd from a working Linux Mint install [...]

It should work with Ubuntu/Kubuntu and variants that use the standard casper/ubiquity setup from Ubuntu. Versions from dapper and edgy should both work.

I have tested it with Kubuntu edgy and Linux Mint 2.2(which is based on Ubuntu Edgy) and both dist and backup work. [...]

Remastersys basically exists from my own needs to be able to do this easily and in the spirit of Linux I decided that I would share with everyone that wanted it. It is licensed under the GPL V2 license."

Ubuntu Install CD Customization Scripts

"These are scripts to help you customize an Ubuntu installation CD. For more information, see InstallCDCustomization."

Kubuntu Dapper Live CD Optimization


* Bootchart
* Squashfs module instrumented by me to dump information about page reads
* Script to remaster live CD in various ways (version 1.0.1 - contains cutomization directory for optimizing plain CD, use directory ./customize-dir-examples/sort-by-first-access/)
* Script to cut file names from squashfs trace
* Script to sort files by first access"

ISO Master

"ISO Master: an open-source, graphical CD image editor that runs on Linux; and bkisofs, the underlying library used for reading, modifying and writing ISO images.

Basically you can use this program to extract files from an ISO, add files to an ISO and create bootable ISOs.

The hard part of this project is the library for working with ISOs (bkisofs). My hope is that people will like this library enough to make their own GUIs using it. So my choice of widget set (GTK, that is) will not necessarily annoy too many people."


"Reconstructor is a Live CD creator for Ubuntu Linux.

It uses the Ubuntu Linux Live CD as a base, and then allows customization of boot screens (usplash), gnome settings, and software (you can also use the chroot environment to make other changes before creating the live cd).

Reconstructor does not create separate distros. It keeps the solid Ubuntu foundation, and just allows for customization. For example, create a custom Live CD with blender, inkscape, etc. included for a friend in graphics, or simply use reconstructor to re-brand your environment (wallpaper, fonts). [...]

Multiple Architecture Generation: can now build iso's for x86, PowerPC, and IA_64 [...]


-Live CD Splash Customization
-Live CD Usplash Customization

-Gnome Customization
-GDM Selection/Import
-Splash Screen
-Controls, Window Borders, Icons - Selection/Import

-Apt Repositories - Ubuntu/Custom

-Software Removal

-Software Installation & Integration
-Server, Graphics, Plugins (Flash, Java, Codecs)
-Custom software [...]

Reconstructor is written in python and is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL)"

Minimax remastering scripts

"Minimax is linux micro distribution focused on rescuing and emergency use. It will help you to rescue your broken system or keep you busy while you installing Linux."

dscdbuilder - Debian from Scratch CD Builder

"The name dscdbuilder stands for "Debian from Scratch CD Builder". The idea for doing this came from the needs to create a heavily modified version of Knoppix, and from a series of little scripts i wrote to help me on this task. But finally, this came as a tool to *master* a live CD, that is, build it on a bottom-to-top basis. The key word here, as Andreas Tille points on his notes for CDD, is *mater*, as the modifications from the famous Knoppix are just *remasters* of it, in the sense that you download the latest Knoppix CD image, copy it into your HD, make any changes you want and recompress it to a new iso. In the other hand, dscdbuilder starts from an empty directory and starts installing different layers of software, dedicated to different objectives, something similar to what dfsbuild does. [...]

The [...] 6 big groups of stages: 1) Install base system: the 'base' stages build a basic system on a directory, downloading and installing some packages (base_*) 2) Install live CD-related software: the 'knoppix' stages install some packages and add support for auto configuration and booting (they're called knx_* because they're a group of Knoppix packages) 3) Install final contents: the 'einam' stages add the real usefull contents to the directory, so here's the big list of package contents (the stages are named einam_* because 'dscdbuilder' was first written for use on the build of Einam CDs) 4) Miscelaneous operations: here come some extra 'knoppix' stages that need to be run after any package installation 5) Build initrd image: the 'miniroot' stages are used to build the initial root filesystem to mount and boot the CD as a live CD (minirt_*) 6) Create an ISO"


"Make the development, construction, and testing of distributions fun and simple. [...]

Non-root users construct, develop, test and run all types of distributions with Root Methods (Yard, etc.) and user-mode-linux, then finish with a Boot Method (2-disk compression, etc). Make_debian yard template creator provided for Debian users."

Rescue disk images and Tools for creating rescue disks

"What you'll find here: rescue disk images and tools for creating rescue disks [and live linux operating system distributions]"!INDEX.html


"mksquashfs is the tool for creating new squashed file systems, and for appending new data to existing squashed file systems."

Remaster Puppy Linux with remaster-livecd

"PuppyLinuxWiki : RemasterThings [...] (experimental, not yet tested by me in real burning and booting, the main difference is that it doesn't touch usr_cram.fs, the changes to folder /usr goes to usr_more.sfs, very fast, the remaster is done in a minute or two)"


"Dyne:bolic has lots of power, but you might have some special needs. For example, maybe you want to include some of your own media files so you can take your studio kit into the world with you. Maybe you need to make a few small tweaks to make your system or cluster perform at its best. Depending on your level of experience, reading the Dynebolic Hacker's Guide might be enough to scare you away before you even try. If you are not of the mind to start patching and compiling a new kernel just to get started, here is an idea for you."

GeeXboX ISO Generator

"With this package, it is easy to modify the GeeXboX in a few seconds without having to build the sources. The generator produces an ISO image of the GeeXboX, ready to be burned on disc. [...]

Thanks to this generator, it's now possible to build a bootable image of the GeeXboX from the binaries. This lets you build the GeeXboX after slight changes in the configuration files, for example, with no need to build the full sources. [...] Just execute the ./ (under Linux) script [...] and watch the magic ;-)"

Script to Remaster a Hurd Live CD

"to remaster a new hurd live cd, just run this script. it will download the stuff it needs from and when it's done it will produce a .iso."

Remaster KNOPPIX using menu based remaster scripts

"This HOWTO is compiled from [...] numerous attempts of remastering, the documentation, and the brilliant posters in the forums. [...] This menu simplifies the remastering process and hides the long and sometimes confusing commands from the user. This is [an] attempt to bring to light this new method that uses these scripts." (scripts)

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