I'm proud to announce rootz, a tool that runs applications from web-hosted live distros.
With rootz users can run live software without installing anything to their computer.
rootz is connected to the desired image (iso or squashfs), and any click on rootz:// link will launch the application.

The main advantage of this system, is that it uses unchanged official software without any repackaging (as opposed to klik, zero install or autopackage). Moreover, it is a true "on demand" mechanism that does not require full download of the software but fetches only the needed files. rootz can set up a multiple isolated chroot environments, so it is possible run stable application side by side with bleeding edge software.

Currently only Debian based system livecds are supported - Debian Live, *Ubunutu, Mepis, etc. Support for more software and other features are planned on Vamos which is the project behind rootz.